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128 Soo Line Drive
Bismarck, ND 58501

Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson (KLJ), an employee-owned company, is a progressive engineering, surveying and planning firm. We continually look for creative and talented people to join our staff.

KLJ Values:

  • Encourage innovation
  • Promote organization pride
  • Respect, trust and value each other
  • Foster long term relationships
  • Reward dedication with long term security
  • Strive for quality
  • Demand ethical behavior

Student Opportunities/Internships

We have developed close relationships with colleges and universities to identify exceptional students. Our summer internship/coop program allows us to mentor young individuals while observing and assessing their ability to propel our organization towards exponential growth and success.

Internships are offered throughout the year on a case-by-case basis. 



Young Professionals Development Program
Grow professionally in an accelerated work environment

The Young Professionals Development Program at KLJ is an intensive development program aimed at training and growing KLJ's future leaders organically within our organization.