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Diamond Willow Advanced Care Assisted Living

11 E. Superior Street, Suite 230
Duluth, MN 55802


Diamond Willow Advanced Care Assisted Living        

Diamond Willow offers a unique way to live for seniors with complex care needs.

Diamond Willow homes are conveniently located in neighborhoods throughout the region. Each 6,800 square foot home is custom designed to comfortably accommodate ten residents.

Each resident has a private suite, including a private bath. However, much of their time is spent in the spacious sunroom, kitchen area, and living room. A variety of daily activities give them opportunities to interact with each other and with staff.

We have created a home-like environment where residents feel comfortable, respected, and empowered. From what time they want to get up in the morning to what they want for an afternoon snack, the choice is theirs.

Five Star Living Support Services Office
11 East Superior Street, Suite 230
Duluth, MN 55802
Diamond Willow Locations:
Mountain Iron
Grand Rapids
Park Rapids
Detroit Lakes
Little Falls

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