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ME Global

200 E Carterett St
Duluth, MN 55808

ME Elecmetal’s vision is to maintain its position as the leading wear parts supplier to the mining industry on a worldwide basis and be the preferred value-added supplier of business solutions related to wear parts in our target markets.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs and to exceed the expectations of our customers, owners, employees and the communities where we operate by being a high performance organization that focuses on our customers while being a culture of quality.

ME Elecmetal is the most important supplier of cast steel and iron replacement pieces for the mining industry in Chile, South America and North America. It also has significant participation in the European, African Asian and Oceanic markets.

The company has five foundries (two in Chile, two in the USA and one licensee in Mexico) with over 75 thousand tons per year of capacity dedicated to the highest standards of quality, productivity and environmental protection. ME Elecmetal has sales office on five continents.