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Anne Carlsen Center

701 3rd Ave NW PO Box 8000
Jamestown, ND 58402

The Anne Carlsen Center offers a rich tradition of empowering individuals with disabilities and their families. Our experienced staff provides compassion, training, services and supports in homes and communities across North Dakota.

The Anne Carlsen Center is dedicated to “Nurturing abilities. Changing lives.”

Dr. Anne Carlsen, our namesake and former administrator, believed in the worth of every individual. Throughout her life she exemplified strength and nurturing, advocating for individuals with disabilities, and teaching them how to advocate for themselves, while creating a life of independence.

The Anne Carlsen Center offers a rich tradition of educational, residential, therapeutic, evaluation, and community-based services. Our individualized services include care for individuals — and families — of all ages with cerebral palsy; orthopedic, vision and hearing disabilities; autism, pervasive, and other behavior disorders; and other medical acuities.

We are:

•Licensed as an Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded (ICFMR).
•Accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership in supports for people with disabilities.
•Accredited by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and accredited with commendation by the North Central Association for Schools.

Our Mission:

The Anne Carlsen Center exists to make the world a more inclusive place where independence is a gift to all.

We Value:


We believe in honoring the dignity and worth of others and celebrating the differences in others.

Life Long Learning

It is imperative that our team encourages learning opportunities for those we serve and one another. The most successful employees are those that seek opportunities to grow and develop.


We value the contributions of others and strive to positively contribute to the organization’s goals by being an effective member of committees, departments and programs. We also foster cooperation in all circumstances.


True gratitude requires the ability to appreciate others and the work that is before us. We each must display a thankful heart and come to work with a consistently positive attitude.


Compassion is more than just what is in your heart. We must demonstrate care and respect through words and actions and show empathy for others.

Service Above Self

Our organization is all about providing the best level of service we can. This includes providing person-centered service that creates a meaningful impact on those we serve and others. We also must be willing to put the needs of those we serve and others ahead of our own.

Holistic Encouragement

We recognize the complexity of supporting a person’s life in its entirety. We seek to nurture all facets of human life, including mind, body and spirit.

Our Locations:

Jamestown Campus - 701 3rd Street N.W.
PO Box 8000
Jamestown, ND 58402
Toll Free – 1-800-568-5175
Fax – 701-952-5154