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Hospice of the Red River Valley

1701 38th St. S. Suite 101
Fargo , ND 58103

We are here for one purpose -

to bring dignity and comfort at the end of life.

Our Mission
Comfort at the end of life's journey.

Our Vision
We believe every terminally ill individual deserves access to high quality, affordable, end of life care. Our services will enrich the lives of those we serve, and support the patients’ loved ones. Because of highly skilled staff and a reputation for excellence, Hospice of the Red River Valley will be recognized as the area’s leading expert in end-of-life care and education.


Our Aim
To deliver world-class hospice care.
There is a growing awareness of Hospice care and a willingness to address end-of-life issues openly. Our growth reflects exceptional collaboration with other healthcare providers. Hospice care is no longer an alternative to mainstream end-of-life care; it is the gold standard.
Our focus in providing compassionate and highly skilled comfort care to people nearing the ends of their lives is vitally important and is reflected in the tears, fears, relief, bittersweet joys and gratitude of terminally ill people and their loved ones. We are here uniquely and only for this purpose.

What employees are saying:

“Working at Hospice is not a job for me, it's a passion. We make a difference in the lives of so many wonderful people, during days that can be extraordinarily challenging. It's a privilege to be able to help others in such a concrete way. It's an added bonus to be part of the hospice team…dedicated, supportive, encouraging, and determined to be and do our best.”
- Joy, Development Officer serving the Detroit Lakes and Fargo/Moorhead area.

“I love spending time with patients and their families. It's a privilege to coordinate their end-of-life care. ”
- Karolee, Social Worker serving the Valley City area


The challenges are satisfying. The rewards, countless.