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ContourGlobal is among those seeking alternative solutions to generating electricity – such as our FibroMinn plant in Benson, Minn. – that provide multiple environmental benefits and give retail electricity providers new options for diversifying their fuel portfolios.

Minnesota produces more turkeys than any other U.S. state – along with more turkey litter. In fact, every year, the state's turkey growers need to dispose of more than 2 million tons of poultry litter. In the past, heaps of turkey litter caused phosphate run-off into surface water, and led to large algae build-ups in Minnesota's lakes. The FibroMinn plant offers a way to reduce this kind of pollution.

Our power facility generates 55 MW of net electric output via a steam-driven turbine generator. The steam is generated by a conventional, single-drum boiler burning 700,000 tons of turkey litter annually. In addition, the facility sells its ash residue as high-quality fertilizer.

With this win-win solution, which commenced operations in September 2007, poultry farmers have gained cost-effective litter disposal, a power generation plant has turned what had been waste into a useful resource and a retail power company has improved its portfolio's fuel diversity. And, of course, Minnesota's waterways have gained a cleaner future. This project's success points the way for comparable efforts in countries where environmental concerns play a significant role in new generating capacity – in fact, we currently are developing similar plants in Brazil.

Fibrominn offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

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