The competition for top talent is fierce.

Finding the right candidate can take more than just a single job posting. It takes development of your brand and the ability to relay your story as a top employer, ready to hire.

We have the media experts and social solutions in place to customize content marketing and employer branding campaigns for you. We’ll place your message in front of the right talent, at the right time, to help you find the right applicants.

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Branded Video and Content Creation

Content Marketing isn’t just a trend. It’s in every piece of marketing you do. From the written word to your recruitment video or online ad, your branding speaks to job applicants. Content has staying power and long-lasting effect on your brand reputation. And who doesn’t want to make a good first impression?

Video Postings and Employer Profiles:
Enhance your brand by offering job applicants a virtual snapshot of your company with a Featured Page, along with 15 second video clips.

Long and short form video production:
Slide by slide or full TV commercial. Our Video and Audio Production Team is here to make sure you present your brand in the best light.

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media: From daily posts, fun candids, sponsored stories and paid posts, Social Media is growing exponentially. A perfect place to build momentum and audience engagement, host contests, post job openings, communicate and link back online job openings.

Audience Extension

Targeted digital display campaigns: Reach the right audience, with the right message at the right time. With targeted ads, our digital media planning team can provide the digital path to ad placement.

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