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Assembly Technician

Position Overview
Responsible for the assembly of quality oil flares, skid steer attachments, oil field products, heating equipment, electronic controls, accessories, and other products, as needed. Will be required to work in a variety of assembly stations within the production facility.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
1. Interprets and follows instructions and displays measurement skills.
2. Uses efficient work processes, demonstrates manual dexterity, exhibits required degree of accuracy, and meets output requirements, makes adjustments and communicates changes, verifies completed work, and meets customer requirements.
3. Monitors inventory and will alert supervisor if levels are below established requirements.
4. Performs tests according to requirements, produces accurate test results, and documents test process and results.
5. Develops process improvements and strives to contain costs and reduce waste.
6. Complies with safety regulations, inspects equipment regularly for serviceability and promotes workplace safety.
7. Performs assembly work of electric heating products, controls, accessories, skid steer attachments, oilfield products, also will assemble and package projects as needed.
8. Will regularly operate pneumatic and electric hand tools in addition to tape measures, calipers, and other quality measuring equipment.
9. Must be able to operate and understand the operation of electrical test equipment. May also operate wire stripper, wire crimper, soldering stations, and/or unit test stations when trained.
10. Acts as quality control person, responds quickly to quality problems and reports all defects to supervisor. Will also include documentation of such quality concerns and be required to read and understand mechanical drawings.
11. Performs wiring duties and is required to follow schematic diagrams.
12. May operate forklift periodically, when trained.
13. Must be able to work in confined space during some assemblies.
14. Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with customers, clients, co-workers, and management.
15. Helps the company meet its Quality objectives.
16. Other duties may also be assigned.

Key Competencies
Self directed learner; self-motivation; adaptability; use and apply current technical concepts; critical thinking; problem solving; detail orientation; oral and written communication; decision making; frustration tolerance; time management; accountability; assertiveness; flexibility; social comfort; negotiation; interpersonal relations; customer/quality focus; organization/planning; ability to identify, analyze and solve technical problems; data analysis; occupational knowledge/technology orientation; teamwork

Qualifications and Education Requirements
• High school diploma or GED
• Mechanical aptitude
• Experience working with electronics, electrical, and/or HVAC
• Basic computer knowledge (Windows, email, internet, etc.)
• Communication skills (interact with groups of people and co-workers; use of telephones, 2-way radios, public address system; and oral communication)
• Math skills: Basic skills of addition, subtraction, and multiplication
• Reading skills (Basic instructional and technical information)
• Spelling

• An acceptable combination of education and experience

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Steffes Corporation
3050 Hwy 22 North
Dickinson ND 58601
HR Department
(701) 483-5400