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Maintenance Planners - East Grand Forks

Come to work for the nation's leading beet sugar producer in a hands-on, equipment oriented environment.

American Crystal Sugar Company is seeking experienced Maintenance Planners for their Red River Valley Factories in East Grand Forks MN.

The role of Maintenance Planner is to improve work force productivity and work quality by anticipating and eliminating potential delays through planning and coordination of manpower, parts, equipment, material and equipment access. Responsible for all planning, scheduling and coordination of planned maintenance work performed on Operations assets.

In performance of duties, The Planner:
1. Is the principal contact and liaison person between Maintenance and Production and other supported departments. In this capacity, he/she ensures that all internal customers of maintenance receive timely, effective, efficient and quality service. He/she also takes a continuing interest in customer (internal) needs. With keen awareness of the customer's situation (schedule, problems, etc…), the Planner is able to help Production balance their need for daily output with their need of equipment reliability through proactive maintenance.
2. Is responsible for long range, short range and outage planning. Long range planning involves the regular analysis of backlog relative to available resources. These two basic variables must be kept in balance if a proactive maintenance environment is to be established and sustained. Outage planning includes intercampaign planning, MDS and Sugar Warehouse scheduled outages and outages requiring factory interruptions.
3. The Planner must spend a minimum of 20% ome out on the floor researching and developing job packages.
Planning is described in general terms in the following:
a. Initial Job Screening
The Planner reviews and screens each request, except for emergency work, for completeness, accuracy, and necessity and initiates the required actions for the execution of the work.
If the request is incomplete or ambiguous the Planner will review with the requester and/or supervisor prior to planning of the job.
b. Analysis of Job Requirements
The Planner examines the job to be performed and determines the best way to accomplish work, consulting with the requestor and/or the Maintenance Supervisor(s) as appropriate in determining job requirements.
Safety must always be a top priority of job planning. The Planner will identify necessary safety issues: Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space, Hot Work Permits, etc.
Factory interruptions or interference will be kept to a minimum.
c. Job Research
The Planner will use Equipment History, Job Plan Files, interviews with operators, supervisors, foreman, vendors, etc. and PM/PDM data to insure plan completeness and accuracy.

d. Detailed Job Planning
During detailed job planning the Planner:
 Details, sequences and phases job requirements
 Determines resources requirements
 List determinable materials, parts, and special tools required
 Determine equipment and external resource needs, consider disposal issues
 Estimate total cost in terms of labor, material and external charges
 Coordinate and expedite necessary authorizations based on final cost estimate
 A very detailed job plan must be completed on all jobs 4 hours duration or longer. This includes pictures, task lists, and related information.
e. Job Preparation
During job preparation, the Planner assembles the planned job package. This package for any given job contains documentation of all planning effort. Given the data contained within the package, coupled with a thorough verbal exchange between Planner and Maintenance Supervisor, followed by similar exchange between Supervisor and assigned mechanic, nothing should be lost between strategic planning and tactical execution of the plan.
f. Procurement
The Planner will insure all materials, equipment, and services are available, within the procurement process, and scheduled prior to planning of jobs. The Planner must make sure that materials are here and kitted when the job is scheduled.
g. Job Scheduling and Coordination
Scheduling is the process of allocating and coordinating the resources required for specific jobs and determines when jobs get done and which resources can best be applied to their performance.
It involves:
 Production and Maintenance Liaison
 Job Prioritization
 Determination of Resource Availability
 Moderate Weekly Planning Meetings
 Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
 Backlog Management – maintain correct backlog
 Daily Scheduling
 Support of Job Execution
 Schedule Follow-up
h. Daily Schedule Adjustment
The Planner will monitor job progress to allow for adjustment to the daily schedule as well as follow up on plan and schedule accuracy.

i. Job Close Out and Follow Up
The Planner will:
 Close out all planned work orders upon completion of work.
 Review and Report Schedule Compliance
 Reports on status of active jobs
 Review actual labor and material usage
 Checks proper distribution/disposal of left over material

PREREQUISITES (Entry Level Requirements)
A. Candidate must possess a high school diploma or a GED
Work Experience:
B. Must have a strong mechanical background and preferably some knowledge of E&I work. Must have 5 years experience as a House 1st Mechanic, Millwright, Certified Welder, Machinist, Electrician 1st Class, ECT or equivalent are required.
C. Other:
a. Must be able to read and write in English with the ability to comprehend and interpret technical literature.
b. Must possess excellent communication, interpersonal and human relations skills. The ability to communicate information and ideas clearly, both verbal and written, to ensure others understand.
c. Must be computer literate possessing strong keyboarding skills. Must be able to type 25 wpm with minimal errors, be proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word and be able to write notifications and work orders in SAP

C. Other: (continued)
d. Must be able to retrieve equipment history and data from SAP, accurately input all types of information including; install Bills of Material into the SAP system, and assign equipment numbers to factory equipment.
e. Must be a team player who demonstrates initiative, a professional work ethic and ability to communicate and work with people and teams.
f. Must be able to prioritize multiple concurrent work activities in a dynamic work environment.

Applicants must pass the entrance testing requirements, pre-employment drug testing and criminal background check.

To apply, please complete a company application on our website at  Please attach a cover letter and resume to your application or send accompanying documents to

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