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Homemaker at Rice Care Center

Part-time .5 11:30-8PM including every third weekend.  Great Benefits!

JOB SUMMARY: The Homemaker performs the combined duties of dining services (including cook, kitchen assistant and kitchen activities) housekeeping and laundry.  As cook, the homemaker will prepare food for household meals and snacks that are healthy and appetizing and served in a timely manner.  Assumes general responsibility for the kitchen.  Assists with serving resident meals, snacks and nourishments.  Plans and facilitates activities for residents and the household that involve food preparation and other activities specific to the kitchen.  Performs housekeeping duties to maintain cleanliness and neatness of household surroundings.  Works to involve residents.




  1. REPORTS TO:  The Homemaker reports directly to the Household Coordinator. The Homemaker also takes work direction from Nutrition Mentor.


B.         SUPERVISES:  None




VI.        HOURS OF WORK: Flexibility required to meet the needs of the position


VII.       DRESS CODE:  Name badge, Uniform top & slacks.  (See Dress Code policy)


VIII.      ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS OF WORK (Minimum qualifications necessary to function at full productivity).


A.        EDUCATION AND TRAINING:  Completion of cross training for household housekeeping, household laundry and dining services essential; cross training in household activities desirable.  Must be able to read and communicate in English. Certification in food handling is very strongly recommended.



B.        EXPERIENCE:  Experience in skilled care or residential services for the elderly desirable.  Experience in food preparation and able to operate department specific equipment and cleaning products appropriately preferred.


C.        JOB KNOWLEDGE (Specific): Ability to receive food handling certification (ServeSafe or equivalent) essential.


IX.        BUDGET:  None


X.         CLIENTELE DIRECTLY AFFECTED BY JOB:  The residents, families and co-workers.


XI.        PHYSICAL DEMANDS OF THE JOB: Considerable physical effort, continuous activity, pushing, pulling and lifting.


XII.       PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE JOB: Fair working conditions with frequent exposure to disagreeable elements and danger.


XIII.      EQUIPMENT OR MACHINES USED ON THE JOB:  Lifts, transfer belts, some kitchen equipment, housekeeping equipment, commodes, physical restraints, wheelchairs and communicators.




A.         JUDGEMENT AND INITIATIVE: Works under direction of Household Coordinator and also takes direction from Clinical Coordinators, the supervising nurse on duty each shift, DON, Activity Mentor, and other staff as assigned.  Must be able to organize efficiently while providing individualized resident care.


B.         INDEPENDENT ACTION: Work involves a variety of duties that are performed according to procedure but requires alertness to identify needed changes.


C         EFFECT OF ERROR: Potential for resident care related error.  Error unacceptable.


D.        CONTACT WITH OTHERS: Contact with other household staff, residents, families and other departments in the facility.




  1. RESPONSIBILITY:  Dining Services


  1. Prepares high quality food in accordance with all pertinent safety and health regulations, guidelines and standards
  2. Follows menus and recipes correctly, making any necessary or requested substitutions appropriately
  3. Understands liberalized therapeutic diets and special food requirements and finds ways to make such modifications palatable and enjoyable
  4. Assists with taking inventory of, storing and ordering household grocery supplies
  5. Regularly elicits residents' direction in choices of foods, menus, recipes and presentation
  6. Maintains equipment and cooking area to ensure safety and sanitation requirements are met; keeps a clean, tidy and organized kitchen in compliance with all regulations; cleans when necessary; reports repair and maintenance needs appropriately
  7. Takes temperatures of foods and equipment and maintains proper documentation for regulatory compliance
  8. Helps to prepare and serve appropriate snacks and meals
  9. Assists elders who are unable to eat without support (with proper training and certifications) as appropriate.
  10. Facilitates mealtime conversations and maintains a warm, pleasant atmosphere while elders are eating
  11. Facilitates kitchen related activities for residents; ensures that necessary supplies, equipment and utensils are available; organizes any necessary cleanup activities
  12. Consistently follows standard principles of sanitation and universal precautions to preserve food quality and prevent the transmission of food-borne illness


PRIORITY:  A     % O  70%≈ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;aymp;ap;nsp;    DISCRETION:  A

AUTHORITIES:   Has the authority to accomplish the above responsibilities.



  1.  RESPONSIBILITY:  Housekeeping/Laundry


1.  Maintains clean spaces in the household, including resident rooms, household common spaces, as well as support spaces and equipment

2.  Maintains supply of all materials to meet resident needs in the household

3.  Supports all aspects of the household environment, including pets, plants, children, visitors and guests, facilitating all planned and spontaneous needs and activities

4.  Coordinates work with the household caregivers to ensure the housekeeping needs of the household are met within the staffing resources of the household

5.  Complies with all regulatory sanitation requirements pertinent to the physical environment

6.  Uses appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment to clean floors, furniture, bathrooms and other areas as needed

7.  Understands and implements universal precautions to prevent transmission of disease through contamination

8.  Assists residents as needed to wash, mend, iron, fold and sort resident's personal laundry; supports residents in self-care and provides assistance to ensure resident's personal laundry is maintained in quality condition

9.  Coordinates work with the household caregivers to ensure the personal laundry needs of the resident (and household linens if washed in the household) are met within the staffing resources of the household


PRIORITY:  A     % O  20%≈ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;aymp;ap;nsp;    DISCRETION:  A

AUTHORITIES:   Has the authority to accomplish the above responsibilities.



  1. Resident Living


PRIORITY:  A   % O;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;ap;aymp;ap;nsp;  DISCRETION:  D




  1. Understands that for many residents, “the kitchen is the heart of the home”, and is a highly significant part of the residents' environment.
  2. Goes beyond mere cleanliness standards to create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome in the kitchen and dining areas.
  3. Makes every effort to make mealtimes pleasant, and to create opportunities for residents to connect with others while dining.
  4. Understands the enjoyment some residents gain from participating in food preparation, and facilitates this opportunity through choices of food and/or partial preparation.
  5. Maintain the highest standards of meal quality and appearance.
  6. Maintain an environment that achieves high quality care (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual) of residents and maintain their independence and dignity to the highest degree possible.
  7. Respect the Household as the resident's home.
  8. Assist the resident in feeling a sense of belonging, ownership and control within their home.
  9. Contribute to making the Household a healthy and happy place.
  10. Promote activities that help residents achieve their best day, filled with a wide variety of meaningful relationships and activities.
  11. Maintain effective communication systems with all customers.



AUTHORITIES:   Has the authority to accomplish the above responsibilities.



              D.      RESPONSIBILITY: Life Enhancement




  1. Identify, implement and incorporate resident daily pleasures and interests into Household life based upon input from residents, families and friends.
  2. Participate in Chat Circles with residents and staff in the Household daily.



E.        RESPONSIBILITY: Team Participation


  1. As a member of the team, actively participate in team activities, meetings and processes.
  2. Promote team building concepts.


  1.        RESPONSIBILITY: Operational systems/knowledge


  1. Follow established policies, procedures and practices.
  2. Seek resident/family feedback on services provided.
  3. Use and support the quality process to meet customer needs and measure performance of the Household.
  4. Apply the knowledge and skills needed for the position, including technical competence in the clinical field and competencies for personally designed living.
  5. Maintain knowledge of organization and industry policies and practices.
  6. Demonstrate good stewardship of available resources


G.        RESPONSIBILITY:  Service Excellence



                        Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the Service Excellence philosophy by adhering to behaviors outlined in Rice's “Standards of Excellence.”


            H.        RESPONSIBILITY:  Safety - Maintain and promote a safe environment for all                                                                patients, visitors and staff.



                        1.         Consistently follow all policies, practices and work rules.

                        2.         Do not use shortcuts or work-arounds that may reduce safety or increase risk.

                        3.         Stay alert, act responsibly and use common sense to reduce risks.

                        4.         Report actual events and good catches as soon as possible.

                        5.         Create a safe environment by eliminating hazards and identifying and                                reporting unsafe systems.

                        6.         Complete all mandatory safety education, attend safety sessions, review and understand the Safety Program (available on RiceNet).  Seek              answers to questions you have about the Safety Program.

                        7.         Complete CBL's yearly

Salary: DOQ

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