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7 Careers Tailor-Made For Night Owls

The world is ruled by early birds. There, I said it (or typed it anyway, with disgust in every keystroke). I don’t know where it all began, but long ago it was decided that school and work should begin first thing in the morning...

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One (Sneaky) Way To Land Your Next Job

Even though U.S. unemployment statistics show signs of improvement, there’s still plenty of competition out there. If you’re on the job hunt, you’re not alone, and you still need to make use of every advantage you can to one-up the rest of the field…

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Rise And Shine: How To Become A Morning Person

We don’t always have the luxury of choosing our work hours. (And many of us aren’t smart enough to choose a career based on what best fits our lifestyle). If you’re an early bird, there’s a chance you’ll be stuck in a job that requires late hours.

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How To Lose Weight At Work

Between office parties, donut breaks in the mornings, and happy hours on Friday, meeting your weight-loss goals while holding down a full-time job can be difficult. If you’re struggling with sticking to a healthy lifestyle, here’s what you can do to comba

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Why You Should Think Twice Before Agreeing To An Informational Interview

You get an email from someone asking for an informational interview. You don’t know this person, but the email is polite, courteous, and non-demanding. The person simply wants to buy you a cup of coffee and ask questions about your job...

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3 Ways An Employee-Focused Culture Retains Valuable Workers

Nearly 5.1 million Americans quit their jobs or were laid off in December, according to a U.S. News & World Report article. That made December the most significant month for American job separations since 2008.

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How Employer Branded Content Marketing Helps You Recruit Better Candidates

You may think that recruitment marketing is just posting your job openings online and sharing them to your company social media channels. Which, in a way, is how it may appear on the surface. But this is only part of the online recruitment equation.

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4 Things Today’s Job Seekers Are Looking For

When looking to fill a position, most employers have one goal in mind: recruit top talent. Who’s the best fit for the job? Will the person be productive in our company culture?

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