New Opportunities for the New Year

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It’s that time of year again.

The time we make our annual New Year's resolutions.

But rather than convincing yourself to shed a few pounds, eat more salad or use less social media -- make a change that will make this year better than the last one.

American Builders Unlimited, otherwise known as ABU Trailers, Inc., can offer new challenges, new opportunities and a better career for the new year.

ABU Trailers Inc. is currently seeking self-motivated, hardworking and dedicated individuals who will work well as a team to join their growing company in Dwight, N.D.

The company is currently hiring CDL-A drivers, painters and machinist. ABU Trailers offers great benefits which include competitive pay with potential pay increases after a 30-day probation, 40 hours per week, 401K, health insurance, accidental insurance and paid vacation.

The corporation started as a small family-run company in 1994 and has expanded their product lineup, manufacturing equipment, and facilities to accommodate the steady growth they have seen in the company. ABU Trailers is known for their commitment to their customers, and prides themselves in quality constructed trailers that are built to last.

ABU Trailers' manufacturing lineup consists of Goosenecks, pintle hitches, Deckovers, tilts, dumps, skidsteers, car haulers and utility trailers. The also offer standard models and customized trailers to fit their client's needs. The company currently serves and has dealerships in the upper Midwest and Canada, but continues to seek new dealers and growth.

So what are manufacturing companies looking for in an ideal candidate? Here are some skills that could launch your manufacturing career in 2017.

Be a team player.

We have all heard the phrase, “Two heads are better than one.” But what does working together really have to do with the workplace?

Manufacturing companies like ABU Trailers like to be as productive as possible -- and effective teamwork is the best way to do just that. Teamwork has many advantages over working individually. Together, employees can build on talents with their teammates. When each employee brings individual talents to the work table, co-workers are able to learn from and combine these gifts to make a stronger team.

Qualities of a team player include:

- Confident communicator

- Easily and quickly adaptable

- Supports and respects others

Be a critical thinker.

Critical thinking and problem-solving in an important part of any job -- especially manufacturing. Companies are always looking for future employees that can bring new ideas to the table.

Critical thinkers are the kind of workers that don’t make assumptions but uses facts and data to weigh all possible solutions before coming up with a final answer. In order to be a critical thinker, you must develop the use of foresight as far as possible. Those who are critical thinkers, don’t think of temporary quick fixes to problems -- but actual solutions.

Qualities of a critical thinker include:

- Self-confident

- Creative thinker

- Open-mindedness regarding diverse world views

- Investigative problem solving

Be flexible.

Manufacturing jobs depend on employees willingness to learn and be flexible about job tasks. Being flexible creates an environment in the workplace where employers and employees can embrace change and expand personal and business opportunities. Employees who are able and willing to adapt to changes are always a valuable asset to any manufacturing team. Successful workers are able to focus through all distractions without diminishing productivity. The best flexible workers are able to stay on task until the work is finished.

Qualities of a flexible worker include:

- Self-disciplined

- Teachable

- Resourceful

- Deadline driven

Don’t be like most people and break your New Year’s resolution within the first month. Make 2017 all about a fresh start. Begin the new year with optimism and find your dream job.

ABU Trailers

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