New Year, New Career: Eventide

Published: Jan 01, 0001

Wanted: Caregivers with Passion Looking for Purpose
As the calendar gets set to roll over to a new year, many of us take time to identify some changes we’d like to make during the coming months. It may be the standard resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking or renew that gym membership, or it could be something more unique like picking up a new hobby or taking an art class. New Year’s offers the chance at new beginnings, and for some that means finding a new job. 
With so many companies in the Fargo-Moorhead area looking to hire, there’s no better time to launch a new career. Unlike other New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to get this one right the first time. You can bounce between diets and exercise routines until you find the one the works for you, but it’s not quite that easy (or recommended) with your career. Right now, enough opportunities exist in the job marketplace that you can afford to take your time and find that perfect fit. 
When it comes to jobs, you’ve got three options: a paycheck, a career or a passion. If you’re lucky, you won’t have to choose—you might be lucky enough to find all three in one position. In the healthcare industry, it’s common to find that perfect trinity, combining your life’s passion with a well-paying job that turns into a rewarding, lifelong career. It’s even more common in senior care, where you get to work with some of the most fascinating folks you’ll ever have the privilege to meet. 
‘Greatest People in the World’

Listening to Janelle Klinke, Executive VP of Human Resources for Eventide Senior Living Communities, talk about why Eventide employees love coming to work everyday, it’s clear it all revolves around their residents. 
“We get to work with the greatest people in the world in a beautiful setting unlike any other in healthcare,” Klinke said. “I hear the same story in most every interview. I’ll ask the applicant why he or she applied to work at Eventide and they’ll say the same thing… they want to get back to providing care on a personal level, to develop relationships with those in their care instead of focusing on quick turnaround time that is the goal of most every hospital and clinic.”
In a senior care community like Eventide, nurses, CNAs, LPNs and even the dining service crew (perhaps the most popular team on staff) become a second family to the residents. You can’t help but get to know them, as you come to work and provide care in their home. No other healthcare setting offers that kind of personal touch opportunity… and it shows in the loyalty of staff, but more so on the faces of those who live there. 
“It’s remarkable how many times a family member stops one of us to say something like ‘Dad looks so good, it sounds like he should be moving back home!’” Klinke said. “And we just smile wide and say ‘Yes, but he already is home, which is why he’s doing so well.’”
Eventide Careers (and Perks)

Eventide is a faith-based, non-profit senior healthcare organization with six campus locations in Moorhead, Minn., and Fargo, West Fargo, Jamestown and Devils Lake, North Dakota.
They provide a full range of lifestyle and service options for seniors, including independent and assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing care and transitional care.  
“With nearly 1,400 employees,” Klinke said, “Eventide is a leading employer in the Fargo-Moorhead community with a vision for growth and a reputation for caring for staff like the staff care for their residents. People who work in our industry are genuine, compassionate caregivers and we’ve got the best of the best. It certainly doesn’t hurt that we pay well and work in a beautiful environment with beautiful people who have some truly amazing stories to share.”
The Eventide mission and core values have set a standard of excellence for both resident care and employee work environment. The organization offers numerous opportunities for employees to grow and develop their skills—nursing scholarships and student loan repayment programs for their nursing team; leadership training to develop new and existing team leaders and supervisors; on-going culture and engagement opportunities to foster Eventide’s supportive, family-focused work environment; local customer service and hospitality training opportunities to stay on the leading edge of hospitality and healthcare trends and technology.
Have a passion for helping others? Want to care for the whole person and not just a medical history chart? Give your passion purpose at Eventide, where the pay is above average and the rewards are immeasurable. 

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