Close-Knit Award-Winning Team: Fargo Jet Center

Published: Jun 13, 2017

Fargo Jet Center Excels with a Close-Knit Award-Winning Team
For more than two decades, Fargo Jet Center has been carving a unique spot in the world of aviation as a top-rated aviation service company that serves an aviation community spanning the world. Much of the success and recognition can be accredited to hard-working staff, and as the company ventures into the New Year, the Fargo Jet Center hopes to add to its award-winning team.

Fargo Jet Center, which is located on the north side of Hector International Airport, is always on the lookout for flight line technicians, pilots, mechanics, electronics technicians, meteorologists, customer service representatives and more to add to our team. The company offers great benefits such as health and dental insurance, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, paid time off, holiday pay, discounts on flight lessons, aircraft rentals, and more.

Investing in Our Future
As for opportunities, the sky’s the limit, but if you want to be a pilot you’ve got to start somewhere. Mowing lawns and helping out around the flight line is where it all started for Alex Anderson. After graduating from the University of North Dakota’s aerospace program, he landed his first flying job as a flight instructor at Fargo Jet Center’s flight school. After a couple of years teaching people to fly planes, he was promoted to the charter division as a co-pilot and now serves as a captain on a Beechcraft King Air aircraft.

“Working at Fargo Jet Center helped guide me in a direction I didn’t even know existed when I first started in college,” Anderson said.

Kyle Huschka interned as a mechanic the summer between his first and second year of A&P schooling at Northland Tech in Thief River Falls, MN. Just a few months before, he was learning what a fuselage was in a classroom, and he never would have dreamed he would be working on one during his summer internship.

He returned to school that fall as the only student in his class with hands-on experience working on a turbine engine. Three years into his career at Fargo Jet Center, Huschka looks forward to work every day because no two days are the same, and he enjoys the variety of aircraft he gets to work on. He has made close friends with his coworkers; they have lunch together every day and occasionally go out for drinks after work. He also hunts with a good friend and coworker. The camaraderie extends beyond the workplace. Many of the coworkers are good friends and in the summer, each department takes a turn at hosting the monthly company cookout.

Advancement is up to the individual. “We promote on attitude, ability and work ethic. Our team members check their ego at the door and focus on how they can meet or exceed our customer’s expectations every day,” said Mike Clancy, Vice President of Technical Services.

Tajae Viaene started as a customer service representative and transformed into a career pilot.

“I started at the Fargo Jet Center with the goal of making aviation my lifetime career,” Viaene said. “While working as a customer service representative, I was immersed in the service and customer relations side of aviation, while the company also helped in pursuit of my true passion, becoming a pilot. With further goals in mind, I worked my way into becoming a flight instructor for the flight school. Without hesitation, I am able to say I have a job where it doesn’t feel like work because I have such a good time doing it.”

For many people at Fargo Jet Center, aviation isn’t a job, it’s a calling. Many team members have been working there for more than five years, with several having been there since the early days. It’s this passion for aviation that holds the crew together, and it’s a passion they either had before they came in or one they developed soon after joining the company.

“We joke about this unexplained passion for aviation we all have – we call a ‘sickness,’ because it gets into your blood,” Clancy said. “There’s something special about the airport that only those who work at one will ever know.”

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Excellent Customer Service
Fargo has long been considered a tech stop for aircraft transiting the world or even just across the U.S. and Canada. It’s not uncommon to see aircraft arriving from Europe headed to Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Vail, and the Fargo Jet Center team takes care of all of the details by servicing the airplane inside and out. The state-of-the-art facility and amenities are unmatched in the region. The hard work and dedication pays off because the Fargo Jet Center sees a continual increase in the amount of international traffic clearing customs in Fargo.

The center has 80-based aircraft, ranging from small, single-engine aircraft up to large, corporate jets. While the hangar space and up-to-date equipment certainly help gives the Fargo Jet Center a strong reputation worldwide and makes the center a top-rated fixed-base operator (FBO), their customer service and excellent teamwork really make the difference.

Fargo Jet Center has received the Federal Aviation Administration Diamond Award numerous times for the company’s commitment to aviation maintenance safety training. In addition, the company received the National Air Transportation Association’s Five Star Award in 2013 and 2014. The success hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, either. The company saw its third most successful year in 2015 and customer feedback from 2013-2016 ranked Fargo Jet Center sixth overall for top-rated FBOs.

The company places customers first and will look for the slightest opportunities to make the customers’ experiences better, including having freshly-baked muffins each morning.

As a tech stop for international flights headed toward California, employees have experienced the occasional celebrity encounter. Customer service manager Dawndi Ulmer has made banana bread for more than one Hollywood legend. “I never thought I would be getting paid for having this much fun,” she said.

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