New Year, New Career: Life Science Innovations

Published: Jun 13, 2017

Shed the dead weight that keeps dragging you down - your job

As the new year begins, it is only natural to think about positive changes to give yourself a refreshed feeling after a long year. Some of the most common goals include weight, paying off debt or learning how to cook. Changing your career, however, is a goal that is often overlooked.

According to a report released by Gallup in 2013, some 63 percent of those polled, 25 million people from 189 different countries, don’t feel engaged by their jobs. This translates to more than 15 million people who participated in the survey are unhappy in their job. Only 13 percent, or roughly 10 million people, felt a sense of passion for their work. Why not break the mold so you can be one of those happy 13 percent?


If you are a self-directed, hardworking individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to use your creative side to come up with innovative solutions, you might not have to look too far for a new career. Life-Science Innovations, Inc. (LSI) and its family of companies, located on the historic MinnWest Technology Campus in Willmar, Minn., is a thriving organization that might just be the right fit for you if you are planning on changing your career. LSI is the parent organization supporting a variety of companies both on and off the technology campus focused on agricultural solutions utilized throughout the United States and 50 countries worldwide.  

LSI and its family of companies are continually investing in creating a positive, desirable culture where employees want to come to work every day. “We focus not only on hiring people who are a fit for the job, but who also align with our organizational values. Having the right people in the right roles is key to a great culture,” said Michelle Falling, recruiting manager with LSI.

“We strive to give our employees some level of autonomy in order to get their job done. We recognize that not everyone performs a task the same, so we allow them to figure it out in their own way in order to be successful. “We encourage our managers to recognize that each employee has unique strengths, so leading and encouraging (employees) to accomplish goals in a way that works best for them is also important in creating the culture here,” said Falling.  

In addition to a strengths based approach to finding the right position for new employees, LSI also incorporates a Servant Leadership management philosophy into the culture. Essentially, this style of leadership is what allows management teams to provide more autonomy and decision making that a traditional top-down style of management. “Our leadership is supporting our employees versus a traditional top down (style). We really want our employees to feel they are being trusted and supported to do the job they were hired for and not fear their manager is going to dictate their every move,” Falling said.

An emphasis on creating a great culture to work within is what makes LSI an attractive organization to consider joining in the new year.  “Many employees feel like they are joining a small family, yet the organization as a whole is quite large and diverse, which allows LSI to remain a financially sustainable family, with the ability to invest in employees and long term business growth,” said Falling.  

Add in things like great rates on medical insurance premiums, a dollar-for- dollar match on the company’s 401k plan, and benefits that start, in most cases, on day one, and you’ve got a start to being one of the 13 percent of people happy with their job.  

You can learn more about the company, their purpose and values, and open employment positions at

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