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What Employers Must Offer To Attract Today’s Top Talent

Written by: Hillary Sorenson
Published on: Oct 2, 2017

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In the sea of self-help articles for job seekers rarely do you find any advice for employers who are desperate to find qualified candidates. But isn’t it important for employers to know what today’s job seeker wants? Isn’t it the employer’s responsibility to create a welcoming environment that fosters slow turnover and longevity?

To better understand today’s job seeker, employers should consider the five f’s that most people are looking for in a position.


Employees are looking for a job that’s fulfilling—a  job that adds value not only to one personally, but the world around us.As an employer, you are responsible for reminding your worker that he or she is valued. and that the work he or she does is important. Failing to do either of these will cause the worker to feel incomplete and tied to a job that has no purpose or meaning.


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The standard 8 to 5, Monday through Friday gig is out. In its place  is a more flexible work environment where your boss encourages you take walks, get out of the office, and enjoy life a little. Say “so long” to the days when employees are tied to their desks 24/7. Workers are looking for employers who value their time and allow for some wiggle room.


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Today’s job seeker wants a job that fits his or her personality, lifestyle, and passions. Employers need to strive to create an environment that is open to creating a workplace that fits the needs for all workers.

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Nothing is worse than a boss who doesn’t value your team enough to consider personalities when hiring a new employee. Workers not only want to be a part of a team, but one that promotes friendliness and inclusion. People spend a third of their week with their coworkers; why not create a team that’s not only productive, but one where the people love to be together?


Today’s job seeker isn’t looking for a job that requires them to be “plugged in” all of the time. On the contrary, workers want to put away their computers, phones, and sign out from their emails during the weekends. We may live in a world where we are forever connected, but that doesn’t mean we want to be constantly checking our email waiting for our boss to update us. Weekends belong to the employee and their families.