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Why Pay Isn’t The Best Part Of A Job

Written by: Hillary Sorenson
Published on: Aug 2, 2017



The average person spends 37.5 hours working and 56 hours sleeping per week, leaving roughly 74.50 hours for leisurely activities like hobbies and spending time with family. Work is certainly not the only thing people do to make life fulfilling. In fact, it doesn’t even make up a third of the average life span. So why do we assume a hefty salary will solve all of life’s problems and ensure a happily ever after?

Because we were taught to believe it.

From the time a child steps into their first classroom until the day they graduate college, they are told to reach for the stars. Go big or go home isn’t just a mantra for the high school football team—it’s a way of life. Success isn’t measured by talent or by how nice a person you are. Success is measured by money and money means power.


What is more important?

A large salary also means long hours, more responsibility, and less flexibility. It doesn’t necessarily mean more vacation time, a great boss, or good work environment. In fact, it doesn’t even make the list for “4 Qualities That Make a Good Job a Great Job” according to U.S. News Money.

What does make the list are things you may not even consider until you’re actually working in a job that has them.



Employees are no longer looking to work exclusively from an office. Telecommuting is the way of the future and many companies are catching on to how much their employees appreciate the trend. Being able to work from home and dial in when needed makes balancing work and life far easier than it was 15 years ago.

Not only is it valuable as an employee, but working remotely benefits employers because they save money on the space that is needed to house additional employees.


Woman using computer in home office


While some people don’t care to socialize with their fellow employees, others say a good office culture is at the top of their list for what makes a great job. A big paycheck will only get you so far if you’re working 40 hours a week with people you can’t stand. Productivity is also affected by a poor work culture and can create additional stress.


Excited businesswoman with chart giving presentation


Room For Growth

What’s the point of working in a job that has no room to grow? Nothing. Growth ensures you won’t get bored in your current position and your work won’t become stale. Even if you’re starting at the very bottom, knowing that you may not always be there is incentive to work your hardest every day. Starting from the bottom isn’t abnormal, but it is atypical to start with a high paying salary with no room to grow.


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Work will never feel like work if you’re doing something you love. Few people have the privilege to work on something they are passionate about. So if you have a passion that you can turn into a career, do it.The pleasure you gain from living out your dreams will far exceed any amount of money could ever bring you.

While a high salary may seem like the best part of your job, consider the flexibility, people, prospect for growth, and whether it is something you truly love. Most jobs don’t come with high monetary perks, but they do come with underlying bonuses that you may not consider if you aren’t looking past the paycheck.