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  • 7 Clues Your Recruitment Process Isn’t Working

    • Dec 27, 2017
    • Rikka Brandon

    Maybe you suspect that your recruiting process isn’t quite as effective or streamlined as it could be – but you’re not quite sure. Here are seven clues that your recruitment process could use a makeover.

  • 4 Simple Steps To Hiring Better So You Can Manage Less!

    • Dec 18, 2017
    • Rikka Brandon

    According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of employee turnover is due to hiring mistakes. Ouch! That means 4 out of 5 bad hires could have been avoided before you wasted all that time and energy! Follow these steps to avoid wasting time, energy and money.

  • How To Talk About Compensation Without Sounding Like A Jerk

    • Dec 11, 2017
    • Rikka Brandon

    Ahh, yes. That awkward money question that everyone’s wondering about but no one wants to ask. We all know that we’d never point blank ask someone we just met at a party – “So, what do you earn in a year?” Yet, as a recruiter, you might have to ask that question many times a day.

  • Leader VS. Manager – What’s The Difference?

    • Dec 4, 2017
    • Rikka Brandon

    How do you determine if someone is a manager or a leader?

  • 3 Options You Have When Hiring Employees For Your Small Business

    • Nov 27, 2017
    • Rikka Brandon

    There are three main types of employees: interns, freelancers/independent contractors, and W2 employees. Find out what each of them are and how they fit in your plans for business growth.

  • How Employer Branded Content Marketing Helps You Recruit Better Candidates

    • Nov 20, 2017
    • Tanya Weets

    Content Marketing goes to another level, adding depth to your recruitment campaign and enhancing your employer brand for maximum marketing coverage. But what is “content” exactly?

  • How To Conduct A Successful Workplace Survey (With Usable Results)

    • Nov 13, 2017
    • Danielle Teigen

    If you genuinely want to survey your employees about an important issue, here are six necessary steps to take when designing the survey and executing on feedback you receive.

  • How Your Employer Brand Helps (Or Hurts) The Hiring Process

    • Nov 6, 2017
    • Ben Hanson

    Employer branding may be an unfamiliar term to most, but HR departments and business owners need to understand its implications for the sake of future company growth.

  • Do’s And Don’ts Of Throwing A Workplace Party

    • Oct 30, 2017
    • Tracy Briggs

    Whether it’s a boozefest or a snoozefest, there is a lot of room for error (not to mention potential for litigation) when the boss throws a party. But there are things that you can do to improve your odds of throwing a party your employees will be talking about until next year.

  • Improving Employee Retention Starts In The Recruitment Stage

    • Oct 23, 2017
    • Rikka Brandon

    As employers, we want to position our company and our opportunity in the best possible light, of course. However, we also want to make sure that we are presenting candidates with a true representation of what our company culture really is.

  • A 6-Part Plan To Increasing Employee Engagement (and Decrease Turnover)

    • Oct 16, 2017
    • Danielle Teigen

    Here are six actions employers can take right now to turn the tide of disengagement to one where employees are excited about their jobs and genuinely care about the company for which they work.

  • How To Create Buzz-Worthy Corporate Culture

    • Oct 9, 2017
    • Alexandra Floersch

    Culture has become a buzzword in the workplace, and employers are no longer able to turn a blind eye. If you find your corporate culture lacking, consider implementing these culture trends.

  • What Employers Must Offer To Attract Today’s Top Talent

    • Oct 2, 2017
    • Hillary Sorenson

    To better understand today’s job seeker, employers should consider the five f’s that most people are looking for in a position.

  • How To Spot A Resume Lie In 3 Steps

    • Sep 25, 2017
    • Ben Hanson

    Some are big fat lies. Others are much less obvious. Either way, HR professionals and hiring managers need to train themselves to spot resume lies for several important reasons.

  • Why Do Employees Leave?

    • Sep 18, 2017
    • Hillary Sorenson

    Employees leave for various reasons, but there is a subtle trend that employers need to be aware of if they plan on keeping their employees.

  • 5 Ways To Make Workplace Wellness Programs Work

    • Sep 11, 2017
    • Tracy Briggs

    While they care about their employee’s well-being, many employers also believe it will save them money. But what can employers do to increase their odds of success with workplace wellness programs?

  • 3 Ways An Employee-Focused Culture Retains Valuable Workers

    • Sep 5, 2017
    • Josie Gereszek

    The thriving job market presents a challenge to employers. When employees have so many options, any inadequacy on the part of their company can be motivation to leave it.Here are recommendations for how your company’s leaders can ensure employees don’t call it quits any time soon.

  • 4 Things Today’s Job Seekers Are Looking For

    • Aug 28, 2017
    • Alexandra Floersch

    As an employer, what are you doing right (or wrong) in the recruiting and hiring process? What does your company lack in terms of the application process, culture, and branding? And what are you willing to provide to get top-level talent in the door?

  • Wonder Why Your Employee Referral Program Gets Such Dismal Results?

    • Aug 22, 2017
    • Rikka Brandon

    Assess your employee referral program for successful recruitment strategy results. Adjust reward values to gain valuable recruits and reduce attrition rates.

  • Think Hiring is Hard Now? It’s Going To Get Harder - Here’s How To Prepare

    • Aug 14, 2017
    • Rikka Brandon

    Struggling to find skilled employees? Unique recruitment strategies create a talent funnel with scholarships and tuition assistance for high school students.