Pine Ridge Homes

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United States

About Pine Ridge Homes

What is the current company culture like?
Pine Ridge Homes offers a fun and family like atmosphere. Our clients enjoy being active in the community. Though currently Pine Ridges main focus is keeping our clients and staff safe and health and providing as many fun in home activities for our clients as possible.

What skills, education, and experiences does your ideal candidate(s) have? No experience necessary a high school diploma or equivalent.


How would you describe the company leadership/team management? Our leadership from our Director down to our House supervisors is compassionate, understanding and wanting all involved to be happy and succesful

Where do you see the company/organization in the upcoming years? We see our selves continuing to provide the best care possible to our clients.

What do you feel candidates need to know about the company before applying? 
Whether you are looking for part time or full time hours we have shifts available to accommodate any schedule. There are advancement possibilities.

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