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About Knute Nelson

Our Employees are our greatest asset

  • With four campuses in Alexandria and a service reach of 29 counties, Knute Nelson employees have opportunities for advancement and career growth.
  • At Knute Nelson, one of our core values is employee well-being. This states that we believe our employees are our greatest asset. Therefore, we created a course to help grow and strengthen a group of leaders within our continuum. Knute Nelson's Leadership Academy was designed to help build better leaders in our community by strengthening their leadership skills and preparing them for future opportunities.

Recognition and appreciation happen not just at our events and celebrations, but throughout every day!

Here are some of the many ways we value each of our employees:

  • Anniversary parties celebrating years of service
  • High five awards for good deeds and exceptional teamwork
  • Thank you cards
  • Tree of Excellence award ceremonies for our employees of the month
  • Appreciation lunches with the executive team
  • Employee Engagement - committee, roundtables, rounding


Knute Nelson employees understand how their daily work contributes to the mission of enriching the lives of everyone we serve!

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