Oakridge Homes, Inc

United States

About Oakridge Homes, Inc

We have been in business since 1981 providing quality services for over thirty-two years. Woodview takes pride in providing individualized, consistent and quality care in an effective and professional manner.

There are numerous options available for residential and support services. It can be difficult to find a provider of personalized programs that encourages individualized living.

Woodview Residential & Support Services is a privately owned and operated corporation.  We have a genuine interest in providing the foremost services to people with special needs.  The commitment to quality care and assistance, financial security for facilities and programs and client respect is unmatched.

Each client has particular abilities, disabilities and needs; at Woodview, we strive to learn and consider each client’s individual characteristics.  This desire to learn defines the roles of our staff and management in the client’s development and growth, in his or her environments.

Woodview provides experiences and opportunities for client outreach and development beyond the home. Woodview builds relationships between community organizations and clients, fostering interaction and activity.

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