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About Minnesota Department of Corrections

Since 95 percent of all offenders will eventually be released back into the community, the Minnesota Department of Corrections does all it can to help offenders transition back into the community as productive citizens. Chemical dependency treatment, education, vocational training and classes in cognitive thinking form the foundation of a programming regimen that is designed to keep offenders from committing new crimes after release.


What is the current company culture like?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, please consider stepping up to help your community by becoming a full-time Corrections Officer with the Minnesota Department of Corrections. We have many Corrections Officer openings available. We have taken extensive measures to prevent COVID-19 from coming into our facilities, and are working closely with the Department of Health throughout the duration of this outbreak. Corrections Officers are key to community safety and to keeping those who are incarcerated safe during this time. Please consider joining our ranks—apply today. 


What skills, education, and experiences does your ideal candidate(s) have?

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Be at least 18 years old to work at an adult correctional facility, and at least 21 years old to work at a juvenile correctional facility (MCF-Red Wing) unless you are enrolled or have completed course work in a post-secondary education program to pursue a degree in a behavioral science; AND

2. Possess a high school diploma or GED; AND

3.Be able to pass a criminal history check, which will be conducted prior to hire. In order to pass, you must have successfully completed all sentencing and/or restitution requirements of law enforcement jurisdictions, including probation; AND

4.Be able to possess a firearm; AND

5.Have a valid driver's license

In addition, you must possess at least ONE of the following in order to qualify for further consideration and assessment:

1. Completion of an Associate degree in Corrections, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Law, Law Enforcement, Psychology, Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, or a Human Services related field with an emphasis in corrections/criminal justice; OR

2. Completion of a Bachelor's degree in ANY field from an accredited college/university; OR

3. One or more years of full-time work experience in ANY field. (NOTE: The work experience does NOT have to be in Corrections); OR

4. Two or more years of part-time (at least 20 hours per week) work experience in ANY field. (NOTE: The work experience does NOT have to be in Corrections); OR

5. Honorable discharge from active military duty in any branch of the United States' Armed Forces; OR

6. Current member in good standing in any branch of the United States' Armed Forces; OR

7. Successful completion of an internship in a Minnesota Correctional Facility in a related security area.

  How would you describe the company leadership/team management?

At the Minnesota Department of Corrections, we work to transform lives for a safer Minnesota. With a focus on public safety, the well-being of approximately 4,300 employees, and the safety and security of the people committed to our custody, we prioritize strategies that hold people accountable for the offenses they commit while giving them the tools they need to succeed as they transition back to their communities.

Our responsibilities and work are rooted in chapter 241 of Minnesota statutes. Under Minnesota law, we are responsible for the “care, custody, and rehabilitation” of anyone committed to the Commissioner by the courts. Our mission, structure, and work flow from this statutory directive.

The individuals committed to the department can be incarcerated in our correctional facilities or be under our supervision in the community. No matter a person’s custody status, our mindset is the same: a person’s path to rejoining his or her community starts on the day they begin serving their sentence.

We view every day that follows as an opportunity. We have an opportunity as a department to make Minnesota a safer place to live by identifying and implementing effective strategies to transform lives. Our officers, agents, case managers, and other employees have an opportunity to impact the lives of the people with whom they work. And the approximately 9,400 inmates in our 10 correctional facilities and the approximately 104,000 people under community supervision have an opportunity to transform their lives through accountability and the connections we help them build -- to their communities, needed mental and chemical health resources, education, job training and employment, and other supports and structures they will need to move back to their communities.


Where do you see the company/organization in the upcoming years? Please visit: https://mn.gov/doc/about/agency-background-history/strategic-plan/ to review our Strategic Plan    

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