Director of Health Care Services

Rochester, MN
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Jan 21, 2020
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Full Time



Residents, family members and other staff members.


The Director of Health Care Services provides direction, coordination, supervision and implementation of professional and supportive services to residents/clients using nursing theory and process in accordance with the Nurse Practice Act.  The Director of Health Care Services assures the residents/clients are treated with respect and dignity, recognizing individual needs and encouraging independence.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

•    Participates in the organizations strategic planning activities.
•    Assists in plan and development of agency structure.  Clinical and administrative policies & procedures and the annual operating and capital budgets.
•    Implements systems to assure compliance with all state and federal and local laws.
•    Provides leadership to clinical and managerial staff.
•    Assure compliance with the requirements of state licensure through policy and procedure development.  Staff education and ongoing monitoring activities.
•    Recommends new resident policy and procedure and/or changes current policies to improve quality of care and to meet state recommendations, efficiency and effectiveness of services.
•    Reviews and updates client care procedures annually.
•    Assists in planning and development of annual budgets.
•    Assist in overall organizational evaluation.
•    Risk management/incident reports.
•    Assist with reviewing Abuse/Neglect claims and aid with abuse prevention investigations as necessary.
•    Provide support to the facility by working on call.
•    Communicate effectively with all members of the interdisciplinary team.
•    Provide staff direction through general meetings, timely personnel evaluations and productivity expectations.

Coordination of Services:
•    Introduce health services to new clients and families.
•    Perform initial and ongoing assessment of physical & psychosocial needs, coordinate with other departments, agencies and care providers as needed.
•    Maintain ongoing communication with families, MDs and other care providers regarding status and condition changes.
•    Develop a plan of care/service plan for resident/client that promotes independence.
•    Ensure/coordinate ancillary services and appointment scheduling to ensure that needs are met.
•    Assures in-house ancillary medical services such as podiatrist, doctor visits, dentist visits, psyche visits, lab, X-ray, ambulance, etc. are scheduled and followed through.
•    Ensure that residents/clients are involved in care planning to gain cooperation, understanding, to alleviate apprehension and facilitate continuity of care.
•    Maintain continuity of care.
•    Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan of care, and determine the need for changes.
•    Implement plan of care/service plan changes as needed.
•    Assure residents are treated with respect and dignity, recognizing individual needs and encouraging independence.
•    Observes residents; records significant conditions and reactions, and notifies resident director and physician of resident’s condition and reaction to drugs, treatments and significant incidents.
•    Performs ongoing assessments of resident’s physical and psychosocial needs and coordinates with other departments to assure quality, proactive care.
•    Initiates a resident care plan according to the individualized needs of the resident, as prescribed by Physician and/or residence policy.  Provides resident and family instruction.
•    Conducts pre-admission screening of prospective residents.

Coordination of Services (Home Care):
•    Participate in hospital care conferences to provide home health care expertise for resident discharges as needed.
•    Introduce home health care services to clients and families for all new referrals.
•    Interface with nurse clinicians/resident educators and social workers to provide resident care continuity, between hospital and home.
•    Coordinate services to meet resident needs from the time of the new referral through the initial at home intake visit.
•    Provide consultation to agency staff regarding new home care nursing treatments.
•    Maintain liaison with attending physicians.
•    Establish and implement priorities for services when resource limitations require.
•    Coordinate referrals to other community agencies as appropriate.

Quality Improvement:
•    Establishes Quality Improvement planning teams.
•    Identifies data collection requirements and reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs and to ensure quality of client/resident care.
•    Identifies systems to recognize resident needs, respond to resident needs, and to measure the outcomes of agency interventions.  Utilizes this data to provide direction for improvements.
•    Services on the Professional Advisory Board if needed.
•    Provides training, supervision and monitoring of staff in the administration of medications, to include frequently auditing medication sheets.
•    Supervises the maintenance of resident charts, review documentation performed by care giving staff.

Human Resources:
•    Make health care staff hiring decisions.
•    Participates in the hiring and orientation of personnel.
•    Ensure staff development and in-service education programs to ensure competency of staff and to meet regulatory requirements.
•    Provides staff direction through general meetings, timely personnel evaluations and identified performance expectations.
•    Provides leadership to the clinical staff.
•    Builds a strong team with complimentary skills.
•    Communicates effectively with all members of the interdisciplinary team.
•    Provides training, supervision and monitoring of staff in the administration of medications, QA (auditing med sheets).
•    Provides situation specific training.
•    Provides counseling/disciplinary action to clinical staff to promote quality care.
•    Makes recommendations for employee dismissal.
•    Assist with coordination of staffing patterns.
•    Ensure that disciplinary action is administered fairly and without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, age, sex, religion or disability.
•    Ensures current licensure/certification of all staff.
•    Attends required in-services & completes assignments on-line modules.

Public Relations:
•    Promotes company in a positive manner, and communicates company’s values to all parties.
•    Assists with the achievement of occupancy goals set forth by the facility.
•    Suggests and promotes the Volunteers of America - campaign and fundraising efforts.
•    Holds active memberships in professional and community organizations and participates in CE activities.
•    Participates in the development and implementation of the facility marketing plan.
•    Plans and schedules and conducts community outreach events, such as blood pressure clinics, wellness presentations, etc.
•    Attends social events that are held by the facility such as seasonal parties, facility nights, and open houses as required.

Customer Services:
•    Participates in customer services activities.
•    Participates in facilitating family / friends survey annually.
•    Follow up with family/resident/client issues/concerns.
•    Customer service orientation with knowledge of successful customer service techniques.

1.    Reviews client referral information and responds to requests and inquiries as appropriate.
•    Evaluates eligibility and appropriateness of resident for home care services.
•    Determines appropriateness of referral for home care services and responds per agency policy and standard guidelines.

2.    Performs client assessments based on agency standards of practice to ensure effective and appropriate home care services.
•    Applies standard nursing principles and practices to utilize a holistic approach to client care.
•    Considers the physical, psychological, and socioeconomic needs of the client, the level of family acceptance, and the ability for client needs to be met in the home.
•    Collaborates with physicians, other health care professionals (therapists, social services, pastoral care, supportive services), clients, and families in developing a comprehensive quality plan.

3.    Directs, plans and initiates appropriate action independently and responsively in home care situations.
•    Observes for and identifies overt and subtle signs of impending physiologic and psychological changes.  Notifies the physician in accordance with agency policies and procedures.
•    Makes decisions and/or recommendations that reflect consideration of immediate and long-range effects (frequency of visits, components of care plan, additional services).
•    Confers with the clinical supervisor on a regular basis.  Utilizes agency and community resources appropriately.
•    Monitors documentation of clinical records to ensure compliance with regulatory standards of timeliness, accuracy, and completeness.
•    Provides on-call support for clients per schedule.
•    Communicates with other disciplines/departments when required.

4.    Manages/supervises a team of RNs, LPN’s, Home Health Aides, and Personal Care Aides to provide effective and quality home care services.
•    Identifies the educational needs of team members and provides or recommends educational resources.
•    Performs or delegates in-home supervision of team members.
•    Leads regular team meetings.
•    Monitors the productivity of team members on a regular basis.
•    Identifies staffing needs and communicates this information.

5.    Participates in human resource management to achieve quality service delivery and appositive employee relations.
•    Assures that human resource policies and procedures are communicated to staff and are implemented in a fair and consistent manner.
•    Conducts timely performance evaluations consistent with agency policy.  Conducts in-home supervision of staff per agency policy, regulatory requirements, and as needed.
•    Applies disciplinary procedures in a fair and consistent manner when indicated.  Documentation is completed per policy and legal guidelines.  
•    Monitors employee turnover, overtime, and absenteeism.  Takes action to address issues.
•    Collaborates with supervisors to identify staffing needs and evaluate qualifications and competencies of current and new employees.

6.    Promotes personal safety and a safe environment for clients and coworkers.
•    Demonstrates knowledge of safety infection control practices by compliance with policies and procedures.
•    Recognizes and responds appropriately to potentially unsafe situations.
•    Demonstrates safe and competent practice in the use of equipment.
•    Assesses safety of environment and takes initiative to prevent accidents and promote safety.
•    Participates in all mandatory education per established guidelines.

7.    Performs job duties in accordance with agency policies, procedures, and professional and community standards.
•    Maintains confidentiality in all aspects of the job.  Does not reveal information from client records to others, except as identified in agency policy.
•    Secures written confidential documents in a manner that prevents unauthorized release.
•    Participates in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Quality Improvement Program and activities.
•    Provides care in accordance with state, federal, and JCAHO regulations

8.    Performs other job duties as assigned.  Completes assigned within established guidelines and time frames.

Work Environment

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee may encounter while performing the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individual with disabilities to perform the essential functions:

1.    Must be adaptable to a variety of home/community settings.
2.    Works in facility/office and makes frequent home visits.
3.    Must have car or bus capability, and be able to travel in all types of weather
4.    Exposure to blood, body tissue of fluids.
5.    Exposure to hazardous waste materials, dust and loud or unpleasant noises.

Physical Demands

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individual with disabilities to meet these demands:

1.    Ability to endure prolonged walking, sitting, standing, use of pulling, bending, and stooping movements.
2.    Must be able to see, hear, speak, smell, climb, touch, sit, stand, bend, stoop, walk, pull and push.
3.    While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to use a computer, carry manuals, occasionally lift baggage due to travel.
4.    Ability to adapt to changes in daily work hours and schedule.
5.    Must be able to lift a minimum of fifty (50) pounds.
6.    Vision requirement includes close vision.
7.    Ability to lift/carry a minimum of fifty (50) pounds.
8.    Ability to push/pull more than fifty (50) pounds.
9.    Ability to perform tasks which require arm-hand steadiness.
10.    Ability to walk and stand for prolonged periods of time through duration of shift(s)
11.    Ability to squat, climb stairs, reach above shoulders, twist, bend and kneel repeatedly through duration of shift(s).
12.    Ability to speak clearly and make self understood.
13.    Ability to keep attention on task if routinely interrupted.
14.    Ability to understand a variety of concepts/approaches.
15.    Ability to remember tasks/assignments for a full shift.

Safe Work Performance Expectations

The safety of employees, residents and visitors is of paramount importance to Volunteers of America.  Our work place safety program will be incorporated as the standard of practice for this organization.  Compliance with these safe work expectations will be required of all employees as a condition of employment.  Our organization focus will hold all employees accountable for safety performance equal with quality and production expectations.

Employees will be expected to:

1.    Follow correct policy and procedures for department and facility Fire/Disaster/Missing Person Plan.  Know the location of fire alarms and extinguishers.
2.    Follow correct policy and procedure for hand washing.
3.    Follow guidelines for proper method of lifting.
4.    All doorways, hallways and areas are to be kept clear.
5.    Know the location and purpose of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
6.    Follow guidelines for department environment and safety measures.
7.    Follow guidelines for safe handling, inspection, maintenance and storage of equipment.  Report any malfunction of equipment.
8.    Follow guidelines for safe handling and storage of chemicals and supplies.
9.    Follow correct policy and procedure for reporting of incidents:  staff, residents, etc.

Job Functions

Every effort has been made to identify the essential functions of this position.  However, this job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties you may be required to perform.  The omission of specific descriptions of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or can be considered essential to this position.



To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1.    Graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing program with a current license as a Registered Nurse in the state of employment.
2.    Current license as a RN in the state(s) of practice; Baccalaureate degree preferred.
3.    Minimum of two (2) years of nursing experience, with a combination of long-term care dementia care or acute care.  Home care experience preferred.
4.    Previous supervisory/management experience in a health care setting.
5.    CPR certified.
6.    Effective written and oral communication skills and good interpersonal skills.
7.    Organizational and time management skills.
8.    Knowledge of Home Health regulatory and reimbursement requirements.
9.    Current driver’s license, safe driving record, and reliable transportation.
10.    Other Skills and Abilities Required:
•    Ability to prioritize duties.
•    Customer service oriented.
•    Ability to understand and follow work assignments.
•    Possess adequate strength and endurance to meet the strenuous physical demands of such resident care responsibilities as lifting and moving residents.
•    Possess coordination and dexterity required to provide resident care skillfully.
•    Must be a team player.
11.    Ability to utilize computers and other electronic devices for tasks such as timekeeping, in-servicing and documentation.


 EOE M/F/Vets/Disabled