MIS Manager

Mahnomen, Minnesota
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Aug 16, 2019
Job Type
Full Time

Under the direction of General Manager/Executive Officer and WERBC IT Director. Assist with business planning regarding technology and systems, marketing initiatives, and casino gaming slot operations as required to maintain company operations and competitiveness by working with the executive team and various outside resources. Assist in planning, directing and coordinating the development, implementations, deployment and operation of all information and technology systems for business needs including activities in such fields as electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis, and computer programming in IT, Marketing and Slot Departments.  In all interactions, the position is responsible for making STAR service to guests and fellow team members a first priority.




Provides exceptional, STAR Service to ensure overall guest satisfaction.

  • Performs the steps of STAR Service, which include…
  • Smile and Greet
  • Take Care of Needs
  • Anticipate, Ask and Act
  • Remember to Thank and Close
  • Performs the position-specific STAR service expectations, as outlined by the department.


Manage and supervises assigned staff to retain a motivated professional workforce.

  • Supervises all IT staff. Indirectly supervises 1 team members.
  • Ensures that Shooting Star gaming operations are in compliance with all applicable tribal, state and federal laws and ordinances and oversees the integrity of gaming operations and the preparation of required regulatory agency reports
  • Develops and implements strategies, changes and enhancements in respect to operations, facilities and staffing levels to amplify guest satisfaction, increase player activity, increase revenues and minimize costs.
  • Establishes guest services and guest development programs to ensure guest retention and satisfaction and that professional standards of guest service and satisfaction is achieved and maintained throughout each property.
  • Oversees and reviews the development of effective guest satisfaction measurements and executes appropriate action to maximize positive trends.  
  • May resolve guest or employee complaints and issues within established policies and procedures and has final decision authority for the properties.
  • Implements, improves and is accountable for effective team member and management communications throughout the Shooting Star, StarMart, and franchise facilities. 
  • Assist in the development of talents and skills of executive management and team members and promotes the employment and professional development of qualified tribal members.


Manages the selection, training, development and performance of assigned staff to retain a motivated, professional workforce for Shooting Star Casino, Hotel & Entertainment.

  • Recruits and selects applicants for job vacancies considering the requirements of the job, and the skills/abilities of applicants.
  • Establishes and communicates job responsibilities and performance expectations to assure mutual understanding of desired results.
  • Assesses team member performance, provides positive and constructive feedback on an ongoing basis to reinforce desired results.
  • Identifies training and/or development opportunities that will assist the team member in achieving enhanced job performance and/or career objectives.
  • Assures job descriptions are maintained and current.


Assists in monitoring the annual budget for IT Department to assure the effective and efficient use of financial resources, meeting established objectives.

  • Anticipates and plans for needed resources to support departmental programs and systems and makes recommendations to IT Director.
  • Assists IT Director in development of proposed budgets.
  • Monitors the budget and expenses on a monthly basis, keeps the General Manager/Executive Officer/IT Director informed of any major variances from budget.


Performs supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the Shooting Star Entertainment and Gaming Authority rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

  • Evaluates and documents team members work performance through usage of the current corporate evaluation process.
  • Provide coaching sessions.
  • Planning, assigning, scheduling, and directing work to team members.


Assists IT Director in formulating and administering company policies, directing and coordinating all department activities to develop and implement long range goals and objectives to meet business and profitability growth objectives.

  • Reviews analyses of activities, cost, operations, and forecast data to determine departmental progress toward stated goals and objectives.
  • Confers with the General Manager/Executive Officer/IT Director to review achievements and discuss required changes in goals or objective resulting from current status and conditions.
  • Assists in preparation of all operational budgets; review for fiscal soundness and accomplishment of Tribal Council goals/objectives.


Assists in reviewing, providing updates and implements business strategic planning to improve financial performance.

  • Determine and direct the marketing strategy to develop new clientele, improve market position and enhance revenue. Analyze cost of sales and adjust tactics to optimize profit.
  • Reviews and approves preparation of accounting analysis: for budgetary planning an implementation, production efficiency, financial reporting, budgetary planning and submittal for capital expenditures.
  • Plans and directs investigations and negotiations pertaining to the business operations.


Listens and responds to guest concerns to maintain a high level of guest satisfaction.

  • Refers guest to the appropriate departments or function for issue resolution.


Assists in overseeing all IT operations to meet guest requirements as well as the support and maintenance of existing applications and development of new technical solutions. 

  • Build long term plans and strategy to meet the needs of the technology needs over the entire organization. 
  • Study new developments in information technology, and anticipate organizational modifications.
  • Develop relationships with vendors and fellow consumers of the same or similar products used at Shooting Star which provide additional information for decisions made throughout the property.
  • Build long term plans and strategy to meet the needs of technology needs over the entire organization.
  • Develop top level security strategies and concepts to assist in protecting Shooting Star data and meeting compliance requirements put forth by the NIGC. 
  • Maintain contact with high level participants in all areas of the property assisting in additional discovery of technical and other assorted business needs for the Shooting Star Casino. 
  • Serve in multiple business capacities at Shooting Star assisting in business decision process as dictated by business needs and executive requests. 
  • Participates on all hardware and software evaluations and maintains vendor contracts
  • Produces detailed timeline for each application release and implements effective project control by monitoring the progress of the software release and reporting the status
  • Ensures consistency and maintainability of existing applications by creating, maintaining, and enforcing standards/procedures for implementing technical solutions.


Assist IT Director to create, develop and implement and effective plan to provide marketing support for overall gaming property

  • Manage external resources that support marketing programs and systems.  Responsible to manage a responsible RFP process, executing contracts with the resources, and working with each provider to establish their goals, measurements and priorities.
  • Facilitate cross marketing initiatives with other departments and strategic partners.  
  • Anticipates and plans for needed resources to support departmental programs and systems.


Maintains and promotes new technology in the gaming industry specifically with slot department initiatives.

  • Develop and insures compliance with policies, procedures, internal controls and gaming compacts in order to protect casino assets. 
  • Draft and develop departmental policy and procedure to risk assessment.
  • Ensure proper standards and procedures are followed in accordance with departmental procedure manuals, Shooting Star Casino Internal Control Manual, Tribal-State Compact and National Indian Gaming Commission Standards.


Performs other duties and responsibilities as required or assigned.


Minimum Requirements



Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field with a minimum of five years of IT operations management, or an equivalent combination of education, documented training, and IT operations management experience.  Five or more years of gaming experience with expertise in Marketing, Slots, and IT with documentation of work history that demonstrates increased levels of responsibility over a period of time, preferred. 



Certificates, Licenses & Designations

Must meet licensing requirements as prescribed by the Tribal-State Compact for gaming.  Microsoft Applications preferred. 





  • Must possess extensive knowledge of the gaming industry, casino operations, federal, state and tribal laws, ordinances, policies and guidelines and knowledge of complex laws, regulations and guidelines governing casino gaming operations. 
  • Must be well versed in all areas of leadership including project, people and financial management and develop and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships among departments. 
  • Must be able to demonstrate the ability to comprehend, analyze and interpret financial reports, legal documents, define issues, draw valid conclusions and implement effective solutions. 
  • Must be able to remain composed and make decisions under stressful conditions that may involve dealing with a range of responsibilities, large sums of money and timelines. 
  • Must possess a high degree of effective interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills and possess the ability to effectively speak to individuals and in front of groups of people presenting a professional demeanor and effective communication delivery methods. 
  • Must possess analytical and negotiating skills, have a high degree of originality, initiative, and judgment and possess stellar work ethics, un-compromised values and professional integrity. 
  • Must be able to manage, use and protect confidential and sensitive information. 
  • Must be proficient with PC’s, Microsoft programs and other casino related software.
  • Work Conditions:  Majority of position responsibilities are performed within a normal office environment.
  • Physical Requirements:  Majority of position responsibilities includes walking, sitting, standing, or operating office equipment.
  • Other:  Must be able to work irregular hours, weekends, holidays and be available for call in 24 hours a day on short notice.  Is required to carry and maintain corporate cell phone for call in or questions 24 hours a day.  Must attend all mandatory meetings and participate in training and development sessions.
  • Experience in implementing effective and innovative software development methodologies.
  • Knowledge of both technology and business practices.
  • Knowledge and Capabilities of LAN.
  • Broad knowledge of data processing systems, concepts and methodologies.
  • Understanding of casino operations, MICS, Casino products and services. 
  • Proven ability to lead a progressive IT group.
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as gaming controls and procedure manuals, safety rules, and operation and maintenance instructions
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Occasionally stoops, bends, squat and lifts 25-50 lbs. 




  • Work is performed in an office setting where the noise level is usually moderate and on the casino floor where the noise level varies from moderate to loud depending upon business flow.  Occasional exposure to moderate concentration levels of tobacco smoke.
  • Minimal risk of electric shock.