Spiritual Care Coordinator (0.6 FTE)

Virginia, MN
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Nov 14, 2019
Job Type
Building Location: East Range Hospice

Department: 14030 East Range Hospice

Job Description: This position provides comprehensive spiritual care to patients of all ages and their families. Services include but are not limited to, individual counsel related to spiritual matters, family support, and prayer. Assistance with grief and end of life issues to include assisting with decision making and Advanced Care Planning. Lead religious ceremonies of worship, rituals and other spiritual care programs as directed. Documents care and counseling provided and participates in meetings and educational programs. These services are provided on an on-going basis as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Serves patients in outpatient, inpatient, and residential facilities depending on EH location.

Education Qualifications: Job Description
Bachelor's Degree in Theology, Divinity, Ministry or a related field, or three years professional experience in related field, necessary to gain understanding in the relationship of pastoral care to medical care.

Successful Completion of 2 CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) units is required at the time of hire. Completion of 2 more units is required within 2 years of hire.

Special Requirement:

Ecclesiastical endorsement: For a Catholic priest/minister or vowed religious by his/her superior and the local Bishop.

For a Catholic lay person: Denomination endorsement (by Pastor, bishop, or church authority)

Chaplains from other faith traditions/denominations need to provide letter of endorsement from their denomination by Pastor, bishop, or church authority.

FTE: 0.6

Shift Rotation: Day Rotation (United States of America)

Shift Start Time: 0800

Shift End Time: 1630

Weekends: No

Holidays: No

Call Obligation: No


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