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Alexandria, MN
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Aug 27, 2020
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Full Time
The Field Services Technical Advisor is an expert in 1 or more LGC instrument systems, providing detailed technical information and advice throughout all field service operations and acts as a primary liaison between Field Services, Engineering, Laboratory Operations, Product Management and Sales teams, site leadership, and the customer. This role takes ownership over day-to-day technical operations within their specific area of the Field Service Team and participates heavily in the decision-making, planning, and execution of field service related projects. In addition, ensuring best practices are implemented for installations, preventative maintenance, ISO compliance, and oversight of applicable document administration of applicable instrumentation including SAT, PM, and other supporting documentation.

Responsible for overseeing quality and compliance initiatives that involve Field Services from new designs, retrofits, upgrades, installations and preventative maintenance activities to ECOs, CARs, and all other additional ISO quality efforts as it relates to their instrumentation.

This position will collaborate closely with the Field Services Manager/Director, Field Services Supervisor/Manager, Engineering Managers, and the Field Services Operations Manager to balance internal resources requirements that meet the needs of the customer. This includes planning and expanding for future field service needs according to installation and customer base changes.

Essential Functions:

In-Field Support: Responsible for assisting other team members in the field on applicable instrumentation utilizing different resources such as phone, chalk (live video software), skype, and other means to ensure proper direction and instructions are given to ensure things are done accurately and consistently. Will also assist with directing other team members travel. Responsible for communicating regularly with guys in the field to ensure they have necessary resources and have line of communication to the correct people for their job or situation. Responsible for escalating and getting additional resources for in-field support when needed.

Includes supporting distributors and giving them necessary documentation, direction, and resources.

Technical Operations Management: Plans, directs, and oversees day-to-day internal field service operations, service case management and follow-through, and the accurate recording of project time for the instruments they are responsible for. Responsible for escalating service cases, as needed, to Engineering/Science/Tape Productions/Quality. Also responsible for keeping escalated cases moving forward as well as all other applicable cases in their region.

Sets the standard for in-house field service care: actively mentors, coaches, encourages, trains, and critiques service engineers to refine their technical knowledge, soft skills, and compliance to quality processes and requirements. Works closely with the Field Services Supervisor/Manager to coordinate internal service activities amongst service engineers to ensure project progression throughout Engineering, Science, Instrument and Tape Production, and Test Group.

Will work closely with the Field Service Operations Team to provide all levels of quoting to both customers and Sales Account Managers.

Service Management and Delivery Support: Responsible to take ownership, make decisions, delegate as needed, and provide guidance regarding support functions and processes that assist Field Service Engineers to be successful in-house and in the field. Determines, creates and/or approves all behind-the-scenes best practices and processes to ensure seamless integration of LGC field services and instrumentation into customer environments: ISO quality work instructions, standardization checklists and processes, pre and post service trip activities, facility prep support, cost reduction efforts, travel, etc. Responsible for ensuring that salesforce requests and feature are fed back into Service Management.

Interdepartmental Integration and Alignment: Performs on multi-departmental working teams providing technical advice as well as expertise to all aspects of engineering developments, product management ideation and implementation, service support, and any other technical project group assigned that impacts Field Service efforts within the instrumentation they are responsible for.

Will be responsible to develop, plan, coordinate, and communicate technical approaches that stem from these project teams to ensure smooth deployment into the field: retrofits, upgrades, equipment recalls, and the like. Accountable to engineering design awareness and approve or reject ECOs on behalf of Field Service.

Responsible for ensuring alignment between practices and documentation with other Service Advisor to ensure consistent service alignment throughout Field Service. Consistent communication between all Service Advisors will be a critical part of this role.

Works directly with Technical Support Manager to deoploy large scale service need into the field.

Quality Systems Administration: Takes ownership and oversees the implementation of quality requirements throughout the LGC Field Services Team: planning, communication, metric monitoring/trending, and execution of required quality efforts within their area of expertise. Leads the development and implementation of effective workflows, processes, and inter-departmental coordination to meet service quality expectations within their area of expertise.

Continuously seeks and supports new approaches, and practices to improve the efficiency of field service support, technical literature and training services offered, and ability to care for our customers.

Education: Minimum 2 year AA degree

Experience and/or training: 3+ years of technical engagement in field service, engineering, product management with LGC instrumentation and software systems and 1+ year of project management and/or experience with supervision/management of personnel.

Preferred Education: Minimum 2 year AA degree.

Experience and/or training: 5+ years of technical engagement in field service, engineering, product management with LGC instrumentation and software systems and 1+ year of project management and/or experience with supervision/management of personnel

Technology/Equipment Skills: Knowledge of SalesForce and/or IFS.

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