General Maintenance Workers / Custodians

Moorhead, MN
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Aug 29, 2020
Job Type
Full Time

* Clean all study rooms, utility rooms, recreation areas, corridors, hallways, storage rooms, lounges, elevators, laundry rooms, reception areas, and offices.
* Vacuum and edge all necessary areas
* Sweep, mop, and buff all necessary areas
* Empty and clean trash receptacles
* Clean and disinfect water fountains
* Dust and mop all stairwells, window sills, door hardware, and radiator tops.
* Clean garbage storage areas and remove trash on the grounds surrounding the building exterior.
* Clean all restrooms so they are maintained in a sanitary, hygienic condition
* Empty and clean trash and sanitary receptacles
* Sweep and mop floors
* Clean and disinfect all urinals, showers, stools, sinks, and toilets
* Refill toilet paper, sanitary receptacle bags, paper towels, and soap as needed
* Detect Faults and breakdowns and report them to the proper authority. Replace burned out light bulbs and tubes.
* Ensure the buildings and areas in which you work operate efficiently.
* Report to supervisor any hazardous conditions.
* Burned out light bulbs and tubes will be replaced expediently.
* Perform special tasks during University breaks so that hygienic conditions exist continually.
* Shampoo all carpets in all public areas.
* Scrub and wax all areas not carpeted.
* Clean all walls.
* Clean all restrooms.
* Perform special tasks during summer break so that hygienic conditions will be maintained without interruption in areas.
* Spot clean walls in student rooms, corridors, stairwells, study rooms, utility rooms, kitchens, and lounges.
* Scrub, strip, wax and/or shampoo all floors in student rooms, corridors, study rooms, utility rooms, stairwells, kitchens, and lounges.
* Clean all doors and door hardware.
* Clean all desks, chairs, closets, and drawers.
* Wash all shelves and cupboards in the rooms.
* Wash all stairwells and handrails.
* Dust all student rooms.
* Clean windows and blinds.
* Perform other related maintenance duties when needed.
* Clean snow, ice, and obstructive material when needed.
* Maintain equipment, inventory, and supplies.
* Perform special related tasks as assigned.
* Perform minor repairs and assist General Repair Workers in installation of mirrors, chalkboard, marker boards, bulletin boards, and other items requiring placement by two or more people.

Minimum Qualifications:
Knowledge of:

* Different types of flooring/floor covering sufficient to determine proper methods of maintenance and appropriate cleaning methods, materials, agents and equipment.
* Chemical cleaning agents such as ammonia, bleaches, scouring agents and soaps sufficient to appropriately select the agent(s), handle and apply, and dispose of safely.
* Methods, tools, and equipment used in maintenance sufficient to use effectively and operate safely and to make minor repairs.
* Physical health and endurance sufficient to perform work functions.
* Ability to follow simple oral and written instructions.
* Perform assigned tasks with limited work direction.
* Ability to keep simple records.

Physical Requirements:

* Repetitive bending and/or twisting, reaching overhead, lifting up to 50 pounds, kneeling frequently, sweeping, mopping, shoveling snow, performing minor repairs and working in enclosed areas.

Additional Requirements:

* This position requires successful completion of a criminal background check prior to the start date of the position.

In accordance with the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities (MnSCU) Vehicle Fleet Safety Program, employees driving on college/university business who use a rental or state vehicle shall be required to conform to MnSCU's vehicle use criteria and consent to a Motor Vehicle Records check.

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Accepting applications through August 30, 2020.

Please contact Human Resources at
218.477.2157 or email if you have any questions.

MSUM is an equal opportunity educator and
employer and is a member of the Minnesota
State College & Universities System.

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