American Crystal Sugar Company

Electronic Control Technician

Drayton, ND
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Sep 24, 2020
Job Type

  • Responsible for installing, calibrating, troubleshooting and maintaining control instrumentation systems for beet and sugar processing systems.
  • Technician will install control networks and program the Delta V and RS III distributive control software including other associated hardware.
  • Optimize the performance of control loops to ensure the efficient operation of the various processing systems.
  • Work closely with Operations gaining a detailed understanding of operating parameters ensuring that maintenance interventions are both appropriate and effective.
  • Advise Operations of process adjustment so the operating practices can be adjusted correspondingly.
  • Ensure production equipment is properly configured and/or set up for desired control and feedback.
  • Performs mechanical installations, repairs, and adjustments.

Minimum Requirements

  • Incumbents must have a 2-year technical degree in a related field
  • Incumbents must have a High School diploma or a GED certificate
  • Incumbents will be required to pass a Skills and Aptitude tests and Safety Screen.
  • Incumbent must have a minimum of 3 years of instrument shop/electronic experience in all required instrumentation fields (as defined by the Position Description Essential Job Functions) OR a minimum of 3 years successful completion of the ACS ECT Apprentice program
  • Must be able to read and write in English with the ability to comprehend and interpret technical literature.
  • Must be computer literate possessing strong keyboarding skills, be able to navigate in a Windows Operating Environment, and must be competent in the use of a word processing software program.
  • Must have demonstrated mechanical aptitude.
  • Must have demonstrated mathematical skills including familiarity with the metric system.
  • Must have demonstrated understanding of physics principles.
  • Must have the ability to think in abstract terms, solve complex problems and apply troubleshooting skills.