Drayton, North Dakota (US)
Oct 01, 2020

Transystems has professional driving positions for entry-level and experienced drivers to work during the sugar beet harvest and beyond, and opportunities to learn and grow professionally. Ready for a new career? We offer Class A CDL training every spring.

Local Haul Drivers typically work 12-hour shifts during the sugar beet harvest season and are home every day. A typical driving day includes multiple trips from a stockpile to the plant, beginning and ending at the project truck yard.

Touch Free Loads Many Transystems employees have said that this is the easiest driving job they have had. Touch-free loads provide safety and efficiency, and "Hassle free" means using the latest technology to reduce your paperwork. Loaders are company operated, so loading and unloading take only a few minutes.

Competitive Pay  Pay-per- load compensation includes a value package with medical and dental insurance, a 401k plan, vacation, and holiday premium pay. The pay system is pay-per-load. Pay-per-load pay is based on a Cycle Time that reflects the time it takes to make a load from stockpile to factory; the time it takes you to travel to the loading site, load, travel to the unloading site, unload and perform work-related tasks. Each project varies slightly and pay will vary depending upon the piles you are hauling from. Your normal schedule is 4 shifts on and 2 days off. Due to our agricultural exemption, a driver can take a day off and make it up or work extra days without going over hours. This flexibility has been a great benefit to the driver and their families when a school or family event is scheduled, allowing the employee to make up their shift another day.

Safety Safety is one of our guiding values, and is built into the culture at Transystems. 


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