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Shareholder Accounting Supervisor - Moorhead, MN

Moorhead, MN
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Oct 24, 2020
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We are looking for an individual to join our team as a Shareholder Accounting Supervisor at our corporate office. The purpose of this position is to direct and manage company shareholder accounting activities; including maintenance of share and equity ownership records, issuance and maintenance of beet payments, issuance of tax related documents, i.e. Form 1099-PATRs, notification statements of unit retain and Section 199A. This position is also the lead liaison with the IT department in the development, design and maintenance of shareholder accounting computer systems.

The principal accountabilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Manages the Company's Uncertificated Stock System to ensure accuracy and timing according to the governing Minnesota statutes including possessing knowledge of those statutes and changes that are made to the statutes. Revises necessary documents and/or initiates any required program changes to stock system to ensure compliance with applicable statutes.
  • Serves as the business lead for the implementation and coordination of all Ag Accounting System/Shareholder Accounting System conversions, upgrades and program modifications. The primary focus of these activities is to ensure correct user interfacing for the maintenance processes of shareholder records, calculation of accurate beet and unit retain payments.
  • Administers all company stock offerings and issuance of appropriate stock transaction reports according to purchases made.
  • Initial face of the company to all shareholders. Provides top notch customer service through, respectfully answering their calls, providing accurate and timely responses, and meeting with them in a professional manner.
  • Manages the policies and procedures of the stock transfer process and actively participates in discussions with senior management in the analysis and development of those policies and procedures for stock ownership.
  • Manages the Political Action segment of shareholder authorized contributions to ensure all contributions given through a beet payment deduction are in accordance with FEC regulations.
  • The incumbent resolves stock ownership and payment issues, warrants referral of incumbent's proposed actions to company legal counsel.
  • Conducts interviews with buyers and sellers of company preferred and common shares. Ensures that all necessary documents for such transactions are properly obtained, recorded and necessary files are updated.
  • Settles all claims made against unit retain payments, beet payments of former and current shareholders, as well as for bankruptcy and share ownership foreclosures. Maintains direct communication with county sheriffs, Internal Revenue agents and banking officers in resolving claims.
  • Manages the issuance of required individualized documents related to taxes; annual Written Notice of tax qualification for Unit Retain and Written Notice of Allocation for Domestic Production Activities Deduction Section 199A (3 notices/yr.)
  • Carries out company policy of early retirement of unit retains, upon Board approval of unit retains cash payments are made to those shareholders who are permanently disabled or upon death.
  • Develops policies and procedures for each function within shareholder accounting to ensure that the area is operating efficiently and maintaining the integrity of the accounting/financial processes.
  • Develops procedures and guidelines for the function and maintains a supervisory review of shareholder accounting to ensure accuracy and timeliness of all activities, including but not limited to the maintenance of Qualified/Non-Qualified and AMT unit retains and patronage accounts, shareholder ownership records, stock transfers and beet/equity payments as well as issuance of 1099-PATR and Section 199A notices.

Minimum Requirements

  • Four year college degree.
  • Three to five years of prior accounting experience is required.
  • Complete knowledge of the Agricultural System.
  • General understanding of company agricultural terminology and practices.
  • Interpersonal communication skills.
  • The ability to develop relationships with shareholders, banking officers, CPA's and lawyers when communicating shareholder accounting policies and procedures.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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