American Crystal Sugar Company

Oiler - Main House

Drayton, ND
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Jan 13, 2021
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Major Duties:
Effectively performs proper lubrication practices for all Company equipment as required and scheduled.
Repairs, troubleshoots and performs maintenance, grease flow adjustments and uses proper grease for each system ( Robert Shaw, Trabon, Farvel, etc.)
Follows proper procedures when changing oil, including gearbox flushing.
Follows proper lube sample procedures in taking accurate lube samples.
Maintains records of all lubrication inventory and distribution.
Reads and understands oil sample lab sheets.
Performs filtration of contaminated gearboxes with filter carts.
Ensures proper oil level for all equipment.
Performs other work as assigned.
Works overtime as required.
Work Environment:
May be exposed to extreme heat and cold throughout the year. Must wear proper gloves for handling all types of lubricants. Work requires wearing proper gloves for handling all types of lubricants is required.
Physical/Cognitive Requirements:
Must be able to climb stairs and be able to lift, transport and pour 5 gallon containers of oil into equipment. All employees must be able to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds. Must be able to safely access equipment in all areas of the factory using ladders, stairs, etc. Must be able to work at heights. Must be able to wear personal protection equipment as required and be able to clean up all spills of lubricants immediately to prevent slip hazards.
Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this job.
In determining who is the most qualified applicant, the Company reserves the right to consider a variety of factors including skills, training, education and other factors as necessary.

Minimum Requirements

High School Diploma or GED Certificate required.
Individuals are required to take a Combined Basic Skills Test that verified basic skills and knowledge. Basic Skills Test: Assessment Test Score:
Reading 63% (10 out of 16 correct)
Arithmetic 64% (9 out of 14 correct)
Pre-Hire Mechanical Aptitude Test 64% (23 out of 36 correct)
Working knowledge of all auto lube systems to include repair, troubleshooting, maintenance, grease flow adjustments and proper great for each system (Robert Shaw, Trabon, Farval, etc.).
Knowledge of proper lubrication for the different equipment in the factory; for example be able to distinguish between gearboxes and pumps that require oil, grease, or both.
Working knowledge of all gear and hydraulic oil filter systems.
Understanding and ability to follow proper lube sampling procedures to ensure accurate lube samples.
Must be able to reference, read and understand how to use MSDS information.

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