Maintenance Technician

U.S. Silica Company
Mar 21, 2021
Job Type
Full Time

U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc. is a global performance materials company and last-mile logistics provider and is a member of the Russell 2000 Index. The Company is a leading producer of commercial silica used in a wide range of industrial applications and in the oil and gas industry. Over its 120-year history, U.S. Silica has developed core competencies in mining, processing, logistics and materials science that enable it to produce and cost-effectively deliver over 400 diversified product types to customers across its multiple end markets.

U.S. Silica's wholly owned subsidiaries include EP Minerals and SandBox Logistics???. EP Minerals is an industry leader in the production of products derived from diatomaceous earth, perlite, engineered clays, and non-activated clays. SandBox Logistics??? is a state-of-the-art leader in proppant storage, handling and well-site delivery, dedicated to making proppant logistics cleaner, safer and more efficient. The Company currently operates 23 mines and production facilities. The Company is headquartered in Katy, Texas and has offices in Reno, Nevada, and Chicago, Illinois.

The maintenance tech will fabricate, install, maintain, and repair all equipment, machinery, and complete other maintenance duties at the plant. We have openings at our Sandbox operation and both the Crane and Lamesa sand plants. At Crane, we do have a man camp for housing.

Job Duties:

?? Inspects work areas and equipment prior to beginning tasks.

?? Work at heights up to 80 feet accessed by stairs without a man lift

?? Installs new equipment, machinery, and facilities using blueprints, schematic diagrams, installation manuals, etc.

?? Performs maintenance on all equipment, facilities, and machinery in accordance with established schedules and procedures.

?? Troubleshoots, diagnosis, and repairs equipment, facilities, and machinery.

?? Determines proper methods and materials used in repairs.

?? Hoists, transports, and positions equipment as required using cranes, hoisting apparatus, and powered vehicles.

?? Clean up and other duties as assigned


?? Ability to work as a part of a team with co-workers of various skill levels.

?? Skilled in welding, cutting and rigging.

?? Ability to run fabrication and hoisting equipment

?? Ability to work from elevated spaces (man lifts and crane baskets) in all weather conditions.

?? Ability to operate all equipment on site

?? Ability to work at heights up to 80 feet without a lift