President and Chief Executive Officer

Warroad, Minnesota
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Mar 20, 2021
Job Type
Full Time

President and Chief Executive Officer
Warroad Community Development

Position Description 

Warroad Community Development’s (WCD) vision is to build a lasting experience for residents and  visitors alike in recognizing and appreciating Warroad, Minnesota as a special and unique place.  The purpose of WCD is to build Warroad’s forward-looking narrative, at times countering  conventional wisdom to optimally define our community, articulate our vision, design our roadmap,  encourage entrepreneurial investments, and define prioritization recommendations of projects and  budgets/resources in partnership with the City of Warroad.  

President/CEO Position Summary 

The newly created Warroad Community Development (WCD) non-profit organization is seeking an  experienced and dedicated community development professional to assume the first-ever role of  WCD President/Chief Executive Officer. The position will lead the continued transformation of the community and influence the  future direction and economic development for Warroad, Minnesota. This highly  influential and strategic individual will lead this 501(c) organization in realizing its long-term vision. As  President/CEO of the organization, this person will leverage their years of relevant experience as they collaborate with community  stakeholders including civic leaders, government agencies and legislative entities, and the WCD board of directors to  develop and execute the strategic plan for Warroad’s community development.

Position Responsibilities  

• Lead the Warroad community’s strategic development planning process, enabling short,  mid, and long-term plans running in parallel and revised over time, while continually adding  new programming that serves the WCD charter. 

• Ensure that tangible community development projects and strategies are developed and  realized, staying true to the ‘voices of the street’, including the development of a vital,  walkable downtown district, and followed over time by similar efforts in other districts within  the Warroad community, in partnership with investment groups, community volunteers, local  entrepreneurs, civic groups and city leaders. 

• Serve as a key partner with the City Administrator in leveraging the functions of the City of  Warroad Planning and Economic Development; in aligning and working with external  consulting firms that the City has retained; and in ensuring adherence to city codes,  ordinances, policies and zoning requirements to assure the protection of the health, safety, welfare and property value retention of city residents and businesses. 

• Collaborate with thought leaders in Warroad organizations including the City Council,  Convention and Visitors Bureau, City Parks and Recreation, Public Safety Commission,  Planning Commission, Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Port Authority and Warroad  Chamber of Commerce to further the vision of the WCD.  

• Build a strong ecosystem of support for entrepreneurs to invest in Warroad, including but  not limited to key local, regional, and state agencies, state associations, philanthropic  foundations, and the state of Minnesota. 

• Research funding options for WCD initiatives, interpret and qualify programs, write  applications, and ensure appropriate funding administration and delivery of funded projects. 

• Collaborate with civic and city entities across the northern Minnesota corridor including  county commissioners and county boards seeking teamwork on key projects that are vital to  the health and growth of Warroad and the broader community.  

• Facilitate the WCD Non-Profit Advisory Council in its operational role of advising on  strengths, risks, threats, and opportunities for WCD strategy and program execution and  solicit their guidance given the local experience and strength of this council.  

• Contribute to a strong and impactful WCD Board; participate in Board meetings; provide  Board development opportunities; and ensure clarity on decisions and accurate Board  documentation. 

• Play an important role in recruiting and orienting new Directors to the Board.

• Report to stakeholders on the performance of the organization through regular reporting and  in-person updates. Provide full transparency to the community and seek “voices of the  street” ideas through quarterly open houses or in appropriate time increments. 

• Other related duties as required by the WCD Board of Directors. 

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  

• Outstanding influential and strategic leadership skills. 

• Ultra-collaborative and partnership focused. 

• Embraces a continuous improvement approach. 

• Resilient, optimistic, and motivated to ensure the WCD makes a community contribution that  is recognized and impactful. 

• Understands that community development goes well beyond economic development. 

• Maintains a strong executive presence. Possesses outstanding listening, verbal, written,  presentation and communication skills. 

• Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. 

• Open-minded and approachable. 

• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. 

• Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines. • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and technology tools and software relative to this role. 

Education and Experience: 

• Seven (7) years of experience preferred with two (2) or more specifically in community  development and transformation. 

• Experience providing leadership and direction in long term strategic planning with cross functional community leaders. 

• Three (3) years of municipal planning and economic development. 

• Bachelor’s degree in municipal and regional planning, urban regional studies and planning,  public administration, business administration or related field. 

• Master’s degree in one of the above areas is desirable. 

• American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) accreditation is preferred. • A history of volunteering in an individual or community capacity is beneficial. 

Evening meeting participation and travel within the northwest Minnesota region will be required but  limited. Infrequent travel will be required out of region. 

Paid time off will be provided. In addition, a financial allowance for basic health coverage may be considered. 

Warroad Community Development is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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