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Technician - Core - Plycutting

Grand Forks, ND, US
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Aug 03, 2017
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Job Summary:

Assists in the plycutting area pulling plies up, building kits, provides kits to other departments as needed.

Essential Duties:

• Operates plycutter with either individual files or “Super Nests” in order to cut fiberglass plies and kits.

• Retrieve plies from the plycutter, putting them in numerical order, then onto rolls or into bags as necessary.

• Understands ply labeling system, the concept of “super nesting” and exercises vigilance while retrieving plies cut as part of a “Super Nest”.

• Utilizes various visual and written references to ensure all plies are in the kit.

• Arrange material on cutting table according to length required for cutting, including centering, taping, or applying veil when required.

• Performs limited adjustments to drawings already digitized and re-nests as necessary to meet short-term operational contingencies.

• Initiates and maintains appropriate digitizing worksheet changes and maintains appropriate changes within the established file system.

• Understands importance of computer security, safeguards assigned passwords and exercises appropriate computer security procedures on a daily basis. Immediately reports unauthorized Ply cutter/Digitizing computer access to Team Lead, Plycutting Supervisor, Manufacturing Engineer or the Plant Manager.

• Must inspect kits for completeness, proper storage techniques, accuracy of paper work and shipping labels if required.

• Shall complete tracks and files as necessary work instructions, material roll tags, or any other necessary paperwork.

• Recalibrates x, y or theta axis of plycutter utilizing laser pen and other requisite aids, reloads ply cutter controller, and re-initializes system when necessary.

• Performs all required preventive and operator maintenance on the plycutter & digitizer systems.

• Must perform computer and Plycutter initialization ensuring air pump is turned on and verifies air pressure by gauge on the cutting head. Monitors table vacuum pressure and verifies appropriate parameters.

• Recall the requisite Plotter Pilot file from network.

• Moves through and verifies multiple table files as required.

Qualifications: High School Diploma of GED required; one to twelve months' related experience and/or training preferred; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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