SF50 Simulator Technician

Knoxville, TN, US
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Aug 03, 2017
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Please note - this position will temporarily be in Duluth, MN and relocating to Knoxville, TN close to the end of the 2017.

The SF50 Simulator Technician will serve as the direct custodian of the Cirrus SF50 simulator fleet. As the direct custodian of the Cirrus SF50 Simulator fleet, he/she is responsible for the training readiness, regulatory tracking requirements and general condition of the flight simulators and supporting systems. The SF50 Simulator Technician will conduct daily simulator preflight checks, daily power-up and power-down, simulator training event support, and real time troubleshooting of the devices. As the direct representative of the Cirrus flight simulator fleet, the SF50 Simulator Technician will act as direct operational liaison with the simulator manufacturer and associated flight simulation device support vendors. The SF50 Simulator Technician will be instrumental in developing and maintaining compliance with the National Simulator Program (NSP) and the Federal Aviation Administration for Part 142 Training Center operations. The SF50 Simulator Technician will be available during normal business hours, as well as 24/7 via mobile device. Secondarily, they will provide feedback and innovation to the overall SF50 training program. This position is temporarily assigned to Duluth, MN with permanent move to the Knoxville, TN location.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Provide excellent and professional service for our customers and employees through management of the SF50 simulator fleet
• Ensure simulator training readiness
• Track all simulator use including required maintenance schedules
• Record and monitor simulator flight and hobbs times to ensure accuracy and timeliness of simulator time logging. Provide regular reporting to the flight operations department
• Maintain the simulator fleet in accordance all regulatory directives
• Be instrumental in the development of the 14 CFR Part 142 training center requirements and management for all simulator operations
• Generate simulator readiness reports
• Maintain a simulator "squawk" file and develop and manage the simulator minimum equipment requirements
• Report any simulator faults which affect training readiness to flight operations
• Ensure a timely "get well" plan for any unscheduled simulator maintenance
• Maintain general cleanliness of the simulator areas
• Troubleshoot simulator faults and malfunctions and perform maintenance to the simulator fleet where required
• Develop and manage the simulator fleet spare parts inventory
• Liaise with the simulator manufacturer for any required simulator updates, parts, or required scheduled or unscheduled maintenance
• Coordinate with the flight training department on simulator training schedules
• Support any flight simulator demonstration events
• Generate monthly reports on fleet and pilot activity

Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:

• Coordinate with the aircraft production team on any aircraft design changes which affect the simulator
• Be on hand to assist the flight training team during simulator flight training events
• Other responsibilities as required

Education and/or Experience:
• 2 year technical degree or higher
• 4 year electrical/mechanical or equivalent engineering degree preferred
• Prior civilian or military aircraft flight simulation development or technician experience preferred
• Graduate from a simulator manufacturer operations training program
• Customer service experience essential