Front End UI/UX Developer

Fargo, North Dakota
Depends on experience.
Nov 13, 2017
Job Type
Full Time

You are a developer. You have created multiple websites or services. You’ve developed user-friendly interfaces and are fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You have opinions on user interaction and design based on experience and curiosity. You are comfortable creating wireframes and storyboards to get stakeholder feedback and align the development team behind a coherent concept.

As a developer at Forum Communications Company you’ll work alongside a team of product development veterans experienced in building systems used in demanding environments with an emphasis on scaling efficiently and interoperating with a multitude of third party systems.

In this role you will define and improve our UI/UX on all digital devices. You’ll also participate in the decision making process for selecting front-end technologies we use as a company. Every member of the team benefits from exposure to our full stack from server to client, so there are countless opportunities to solve problems across the entire spectrum of our codebase.


  • Experience with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • Experience in building modular, reusable UI components
  • Experience with UI/UX concepts, and front-end frameworks
  • Design experience (familiarity with making wireframes, Sketch, Photoshop etc)
  • Understand source control workflows using GIT
  • Integrate custom web applications with legacy backend applications
  • Participate in Agile rituals (standups, iterations, kickoffs and retrospectives)
  • A desire to continuously improve our stack and develop your own skillset.
  • Driven to learn more about emerging web, mobile and media technologies with limited guidance
  • Strong communication skills, including ability to communicate software design with various skill levels
  • Great attitude and commitment to get the job done
  • Assist in project planning
  • Make suggestions on creating technical standards for the company’s web applications

Bonus Points:

  • Experience with Agile workflows
  • Experience with BEM Methodology or Atomic Design
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors
  • Experience working on websites with a subscription-based business model (designing and building sign up flows, check out forms, etc)