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Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
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Mar 06, 2018
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Job Description

Provide oversight and supervision of all patient care services and personnel. Oversight must include the following-- (1) Making patient and personnel assignments, (2) Coordinating patient care, (3) Coordinating referrals, (4) Assuring that patient needs are continually assessed, and (5) Assuring the development, implementation, and updates of the individualized plan of care. (6) Active involvement and facilitation of the QAPI process.


Observe and evaluate physical, emotional, and social needs of clients while providing clinical oversight, assure communication with all physicians involved in the plan of care, chart as required; give treatments; consult with physicians; communicate with Home Health Director and staff.

The person holding this position is delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with current existing federal and state regulations and established company policies and procedures.

  1. Directly responsible for nursing care of assigned clients, and responsible for the oversight of care for all agency clients.
  2. Facilitating systems and delegating duties to ensure referrals are coordinated within the agency and referring entity and scheduling care for accepted referrals.
  3. Recognize changes in conditions of clients during his/her assignment.
  4. Communicate with all physicians involved in the plan of care, and integrate orders to assure the coordination for all services and interventions are provided to the patient.
  5. Supervise direct patient-care personnel on his/her assignment as well as facilitate systems to provide oversight of the other assignments, assuring that client needs are continually assessed and the individualized plan of care is developed and implemented and updated accordingly.
  6. Chart medications and treatments according to procedure.
  7. Maintain charts on his/her assigned clients, and provide oversight to ensure charts are maintained for all clients.
  8. Lead staff meetings, in-services, case conference and plan of care meetings. Attend additional in-services and trainings as needed to remain current on Federal, State, and Local laws and company and agency changes.
  9. Actively participate or lead QAPI meetings per agency systems.
  10. Consult with Director of Home Health when necessary.
  11. Assist in interpreting goals and objectives of agency to nursing service personnel.
  12. Oversee provision of services by RN, LPN and aides and homemakers in performing duties by checking work to ensure assignments have been completed.
  13. Ensure individual OASIS Assessment and Comprehensive Plan of Care is followed.
  14. Transcribe physician's orders as indicated.
  15. Assist in writing and updating Patient Assessment and Comprehensive Care Plans as patient's condition changes.
  16. Personally receive or place calls to physician.
  17. Be sensitive to clients' families and respond in an appropriate professional manner.
  18. Other duties as assigned and as needed.


Licensed physician, physical therapist, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, audiologist, social worker, registered nurse (nurse practitioner, RN or other advance practice nurse). Registered nurse is strongly preferred. Current driver's license.

Continuing Education: As required to retain license and registration.


Education: Must be a graduate of a state approved school.

Experience: At least six months in public health or home health.

Job Knowledge: Nursing policies and procedures; administration of medication, possible side effects, and treatment as prescribed; federal, state, and local laws and regulations relating to patient care; comprehensive knowledge of nursing practices; physical, psychological, social, and medical needs of clients; organizational structure and duties of employees under supervision of Director of Home Health.

Professional Memberships: Recommended and encouraged.

Other: Caring attitude, observant, maintain good working relationships, judgment, and emotional stability.