Glass/Walls Technician

Rochester, Minnesota (US)
Mar 14, 2018

Scope of Work: The Walls Service Technician performs a variety of duties relating to the removal and application of windows, glass, doors, and wall systems. Removes existing doors, windows, and exterior substrates to diagnose air and water infiltration problems into wall systems. Able to interact with clients while provide feedback and repair solutions for leaks in their wall systems. The Wall Service Foreman also performs other job-related duties as may be assigned.


Major Responsibilities and Tasks: The Walls Service Technician must be able to perform work duties as assigned and have a practical understanding of the following responsibilities and tasks.

  • Safety: The Walls Service Technician is responsible for having a clear understanding of the following safety policies and procedures as trained by Merit, and must be able to perform them in an efficient and safe manner:

    • Personal Protection Equipment

    • Fall Protection

    • Hazard Communication / Employee Right to Know

  • Technical Skills: The Walls Service Technician must have an understanding of the following:

    • Removal of doors, windows, and exterior substrates

    • Diagnose air and water infiltration problems into wall systems

    • Provide repair solutions for leaking in wall systems

    • Perform repairs on windows, doors, and wall systems as needed in a timely manner

    • Interact with clients and provide them feedback

    • Self-sufficient with a variety of wall systems

  • Material Management.  The Technician must possess a working knowledge of the following:

    • Names and uses of doors, windows, and exterior substrates materials

    • Doors, windows, and exterior substrates transportation of materials

    • Doors, windows, and exterior substrates storage of materials

    • Equipment Operation:  The Technician must demonstrate the ability to safely operate the following equipment:

    • Power Drill

    • Skill Saw/ Chop Saw

    • Electric Caulk Cutter

    • Drill Press

  • Hand Tools Required:  The Technician must own and possess the following tools while on the job:

    • Hammer

    • Flat Bar

    • Tape Measure

    • Utility Knife

    • Caulking Gun


Minimum Qualifications: In order to perform the duties of this position, the following skills and abilities are required:

  • The ability to climb and descend a 40-foot extension type ladder unassisted; the ability to work at heights in excess of 10 feet.

  • The ability to repeatedly lift and carry roofing materials daily weighing approximately 50 pounds each.

  • The ability to cut, hammer, fasten and otherwise work with wall materials.

  • The ability to work in a variety of physical positions:  including stooping, squatting, kneeling and crawling.  Extensive use of arms and shoulders, gripping and safe use of small and large hand power tools.

  • The ability to perform basic math functions

  • The ability to communicate effectively and follow written or verbal instructions and safety rules.

  • The ability to work in a variety of outdoor weather conditions throughout the year, including but not limited to, excessive heat or cold.

  • The use of tobacco products will not be permitted on work sites as directed by building owner.  Foreman will notify an employee when this rule applies.  Violation of this rule may result in immediate termination.

As part of the application process and review, you may be asked to describe or demonstrate how you will be able to perform the functions of this position.  If you wish, we will discuss with you what sort of accommodation may be appropriate to assist you in performing the various functions of this position.

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