Mitchell, South Dakota (US)
Apr 17, 2018
Job Type
Full Time

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • To perform all kinds of welding, brazing, and cutting using gas and electric welding
  • Receives instructions, prints, and/or work orders for the job. Plans details of working
    procedure and tools and material requirements
  • Perform hand welding operations
  • May position pieces to be welded into jigs
  • Operate welding equipment, regulate current/voltage
  • Keeps equipment and work area clean and orderly
  • Select appropriate rod and/or wire for weld application
  • Layout/mark weld points on parts
  • Plan/layout welding sequence referring to drawing specifications
  • May be assigned other duties based on qualified/trained skilled levels

Job Qualifications and Requirements

  • Completion of formal trade school program with welding concentration, apprenticeship
    program and/or on-the-job training by AKG North American Operations, Inc. Welders
  • Work involves considerable stooping, bending and lifting
  • Considerable glare emits from work, exposure to welding sparks requiring personal
    protective equipment to be worn
  • Job area must be carefully enclosed to prevent injury to others from sparks

Starting Date

  • As available


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