Software Engineer

Fargo, North Dakota
Competitive Salary + Equity
Apr 20, 2018
Job Type
Full Time

We are a small, but growing, Fargo-based farm management software company. 

We are seeking a developer to join our growing tech team (currently 2 full-stack developers, UI/UX designer, and the founder who's a terrible programmer and shouldn't ever touch the code base). 

We are looking for someone experienced in Javascript development and/or an MVC framework (Rails/Laravel/Django/etc).

Our stack includes Ruby on Rails and React/Redux.  We are also building a mobile app using React Native.

We'd prefer this hire to have experience building software in a team environment using version control software.  

This role will include a competitive salary and meaningful equity (at a strike price of $0). 

Hours are flexible.  Do you work best from 5:00 AM - 1:00 PM or Noon - 8:00 PM?  Great!  We don't care about office politics, we just want to build great products for our customers.

Preferred Experience

  • Background that's heavy in Javascript and/or an MVC framework.
  • Passion for building great software.
  • Experience building software in a team environment.
  • Thirst for knowledge.