ER Registrar/ Communications

Willmar, Minnesota
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Jan 21, 2019
Job Type
Part Time
Registrar will be committed to providing Service Excellence in a fast-paced environment working in the communication center and emergency room. Registrar must possess excellent customer service and problem solving skills. Registrar will greet, direct, and escort patients and visitors as needed. Registrar will be responsible for communication center operations. The Emergency Department can be a fast paced and stressful environment and

registrar may encounter critical injuries including death. The ability to multi task

while abiding by hospital policies is a must. The Communications Center is

responsible for implementing core communications in critical situations, therefore

the employee must possess the ability to react quickly and independently, must

be able to adapt to constant change and must possess a high level of

professionalism and tact. Registrar is responsible for monitoring the alarms

hospital wide and for the alarms of the hospital's outlying property/buildings.

Registrar will be responsible for completing patient registration including

obtaining patient demographics including insurance information. Registrar is also

responsible for collection of co-pays and point-of-service collections.


A. REPORTS TO: ED Registration/Communications Supervisor


C. INTERRELATIONSHIPS WITH: Patient Access staff, other Rice staff, Insurance

representatives, medical staff, and public.

HOURS OF WORK: Registration Services are provided 24 hours a day seven days a

week. Staff is required to work rotating shifts including day, evenings, over-nights,

weekends and holidays.

DRESS CODE: Staff appearance must abide by Rice Memorial Hospital dress code

policy. Staff must alw ays be w ell groomed; professional looking and hygiene should

be immaculate. Any modif icat ions to dress code must be approved in advance by supervisor.

ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS OF WORK (Minimum qualifications necessary to

function at full productivity).

A. EDUCATION AND TRAINING: High school diploma or GED is required. Prefer

graduate of medical office assistant program or one to two years of college. Ability to

speak other languages is a plus.

B. EXPERIENCE: Registrat ion at Rice Memorial Hospital entails dealing w ith a mult i-cultural public and requires adaptat ion and sensit ivity to the cultural dif ferences and also the emotional states of patients and public. At least tw o years of previous customer service experience in a fast paced environment relying on independent act ion, including interact ing w ith a variety of cultures is required. Previous computer experience is a must. Previous sw itchboard experience is a plus.

C. JOB KNOWLEDGE (Specific): Accuracy in keyboarding, general know ledge of Microsoft Off ice and other computer functions. Medical terminology is a plus. Overall know ledge of off ice procedures and hospital policy is a must. Service excellence and pleasant posit ive att itude are mandatory.

BUDGET: No formal inf luence on budget.

CLIENTELE DIRECTLY AFFECTED BY JOB: Patients, families, physicians, hospital staff , insurance companies and general public.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS OF THE JOB: Keyboarding, continued use of telephone w hile holding it w ith non-dominant hand and using the dominant hand to w rite or use a key board or use of w ireless headset. Registrar w ill need to be able to stand and sit continuously, w alk both long and short distances, bend and tw ist to obtain needed papers (see physical assessment sheet). Job may require physical transportat ion of patient either by w alking or using a wheelchair.

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE JOB: Usual w orking condit ions involving adequate light, temperature and concrete f looring.

EQUIPMENT OR MACHINES USED ON THE JOB: PC, printer, telephone, calculator, copy machine, fax machine, messaging system, pagers, FormFast print ing system, credit card machine, security cameras, television, alarm system, mult i line sw itchboard, tw o-w ay radio and TTY phone, Computer on Wheels (COW) and other equipment as needed.


A. JUDGEMENT AND INITIATIVE: Alert, attentive and intelligent. Ability to multi

task in high pressure situations. Perseverance in times of continuous change or

upheaval. Maintains confidentiality at all times. Patience with dealing with

anxious patients, demanding physicians and distraught families. Ability to

problem solve and have the confidence to make decisions and present ideas.

Excellent communication skills required.

B. INDEPENDENT ACTION: Able to take independent action based on

policy/procedure/ experiential knowledge base. Ability to accurately complete the

registration process with sensitivity and tact in a minimal time period to reduce

patient wait time. Ability to accept and transmit messages timely and accurately

to physicians and staff carrying pagers. Coordinates with department

supervisor/team for development and process change. Handles job functions

independently, reporting through normal reviews.

C. EFFECT OF ERROR: Improper decisions could have an adverse affect on

public relations with the hospital, patient safety, staff morale and productivity.

Complete and accurate information is crucial because the admission form is a

permanent and legal record and ensures seamless, accurate billing.

D. CONTACT WITH OTHERS: Continuous personal contact with registration and

switchboard staff, patients, medical staff, insurance companies, general public

and other hospital personnel.


A. RESPONSIBILITY: Registration and Point of Service Collections

1. Priority: A

2. Percent of Time: 50%

3. Discretion: A


2. Registrar will be required to register patients in a timely, effective, accurate manner. Registrations may take place at the ESD registration desk or at the bedside

3. Due to critical situations that may occur in the department, the registrar must be extremely professional, tactful and efficient at all times

4. Creates accounts for new hospital patients and updates accounts

for previous hospital patients in the hospital's registration system

to ensure accurate services and account processing

5. Coordinates bed assignments and patient status with internal

clinical departments

6. Utilizes appropriate strategies, including phone calls and online

databases, to verify demographic information, as well as the

insurance coverage of patients

7. Prints and distributes related documents according to unit


8. Completes Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) for Medicare

insured patients.

9. Documents all information obtained during registration activities to

ensure patients' accounts are complete for future reference.

10. Obtains appropriate signatures for privacy notice and consents.

11. Coordinates bed assignments and patient status with internal

clinical departments

12. Obtains information from patient that enables assessment of

patient's eligibility for hospital-sponsored financial assistance

13. Confer with third parties on the completion of forms, patient

financial information, financial obligation, and hospital credit


14. Based on risk assessment, collect money from those patients who

have the ability to pay

15. Collect money owed from patients to ensure timely recovery of

outstanding accounts receivable prior to admission or prior to


16. Collect down payments on self-pay patients, and coordinate with

insurance verification to ensure proper collection of co-payments

and deductibles from insured patients at point-of-service, including

at admission, during ER visit, and after service but prior to


ii. AUTHORITIES: Employee has the authority to carry out these responsibilit ies w ithin hospital standards.

B. RESPONSIBILITY: Communication Center Operations

1. Priority: A

2. Percent of Time: 50%

3. Discretion: B


2. Answer all internal and external calls, transfer calls and triage

Emergency Department calls

3. Paging of hospital Codes/Teams

4. Internal and external pages for physicians

5. Obtaining and maintaining physician on-call schedules for area

physicians and clinics, chaplaincy, maintenance, administration,

social services, OR/PACU, hospice and other various hospital


6. Initiating contact with on-call personnel as dictated by on-call

schedule and requests

7. Maintain sleep room reservations and calendar and collecting

payment for sleep rooms

8. Monitoring Rice Memorial Hospital, Lakeland and MOB building

alarms, all hospital security cameras, weather channel and radio

for inclement weather, and 800 mHz radio

9. Morgue procedures including recording internal and external

events of deceased and following all policies and procedures

10. Distribution of master keys and maintaining signature log

11. Responsible for replacement of staff in emergent situations

ii. AUTHORITIES: Employee has the authority to carry out these responsibilit ies w ithin hospital standards.


1. Priority: A

2. Percent of Time: Inherent in every aspect of job

3. Discretion: B


1. It is extremely imperative that Registrar/Communications be familiar w ith all policies and procedures pertaining to the registrat ion department.

2. Registrar/Communications is responsible for core communications and policies in crit ical events and unfamiliarity w ith policies could be disastrous.

ii. AUTHORITIES: Employee has the authority to act under hospital guidelines. Employee to discuss any situations outside the guidelines w ith supervisor.


1. Priority: A

2. Percent of Time: Inherent in every aspect of job

3. Discretion: B


2. Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the Service Excellence philosophy by adhering to behaviors outlined in Rice's " Standards of Excellence."


1. Priority: C

2. Percent of Time: Inherent in every aspect of job

3. Discretion: C


1. Demonstrates understanding of CQI philosophy

2. Part icipates in CQI training act ivit ies or CQI teams if appropriate.

3. Demonstrates sensit ivity to customers and their needs.

4. Interacts appropriately w ith internal customers, i.e. cow orkers w ithin department, staff across departments.

5. Interacts appropriately w ith external customers, i.e. patients, families, medical staff, vendors.

6. Role models service excellence and posit ive att itude behaviors


1. Priority: Maintain and promote a safe environment for all

patients, visitors and staff.

2. Percent of Time: Inherent in every aspect of job

3. Discretion: C

ii. TASKS:

1. Consistently follow all policies, practices and work rules.

2. Do not use shortcuts or work-arounds that may reduce safety or

increase risk.

3. Stay alert, act responsibly and use common sense to reduce risks.

4. Report Aactual events@ and Agood catches@ as soon as possible.

5. Create a safe environment by eliminating hazards and identifying

and reporting unsafe systems.

6. Complete all mandatory safety education, attend safety sessions,

review and understand the Safety Program (available on RiceNet).

7. Seek answers to questions you have about the Safety Program.


1. Priority: C

2. Percent of Time: N/A

3. Discretion: C

Specific to On-Call Registrar Communications: Please see additional On-Call Scheduling Guidelines for reference to expectations for working shifts.

REVISED: March 2015, 11/15