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Jan 29, 2019
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Part Time
The Care Assistant is responsible for the provision of high quality personal care and services to residents to support each resident's individual choices, while maintaining consistency with regulations and established best practices. The Care Assistant provides medical and physical care to the residents of the household, while promoting the resident's psychosocial well-being. The Care Assistant plans and facilitates social activities for residents of the household, and supports the homemaker in maintaining a clean, safe household environment. This position is the residents' closest advocate in the household.


A. REPORTS TO: The Care Assistant reports directly to the Household Coordinator. The Care Assistant also takes work direction from Clinical Coordinators, the supervising nurse on duty each shift, DON, Activity mentor, and other staff as assigned.


C. INTERRELATIONSHIPS WITH: the Household team, family members, residents

HOURS OF WORK: Shifts to be determined based on individual household residents needs.

DRESS CODE: Name badge, Uniform top & slacks. (See Dress Code policy)

ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS OF WORK (Minimum qualifications necessary to function at full productivity).

A. EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Must be a Certified Nursing Assistant able to read and communicate in English. Completion of cross training for household activities, household social service, household housekeeping, household laundry required. Completion of cross training for household homemaking, including food service and food handling (ServeSafe or equivalent) desired.

B. EXPERIENCE: Previous experience as a Nursing Assistant preferred. Has satisfactorily completed the training program. Must enjoy working with geriatric population.

C. JOB KNOWLEDGE (Specific): Working knowledge of personal care activities, and transfer techniques. Have an understanding of the cognitive, physical and emotional changes the aging present. Demonstrated competencies in person-directed, elder/resident-directed practice, home building, critical thinking, teamwork, self leadership, and interpersonal effectiveness.


CLIENTELE DIRECTLY AFFECTED BY JOB: The residents, families and co-workers.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS OF THE JOB: Considerable physical effort, continuous activity, pushing, pulling and lifting.

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE JOB: Fair working conditions with frequent exposure to disagreeable elements and danger.

EQUIPMENT OR MACHINES USED ON THE JOB: Lifts, transfer belts, some kitchen equipment, some housekeeping equipment, commodes, physical restraints, wheelchairs and communicators.


A. JUDGEMENT AND INITIATIVE: Works under direction of Household Coordinator and also takes direction from Clinical Coordinators, the supervising nurse on duty each shift, DON, Activity Mentor, and other staff as assigned. Must be able to organize efficiently while providing individualized resident care.

B. INDEPENDENT ACTION: Work involves a variety of duties that are performed according to procedure but requires alertness to identify needed changes.

B. EFFECT OF ERROR: Potential for resident care related error. Error unacceptable.

D. CONTACT WITH OTHERS: Contact with other household staff, residents, families and other departments in the facility.


A. RESPONSIBILITY: Resident Care and Services


1. Provide residents individualized, direct care with activities of daily living, meals, restorative care and life skills based upon resident preferences, regulations and established best practices.

2. Maintain all required documentation in accordance with regulations and established clinical best practices.

3. Support residents in self-care, and provide care as necessary for those unable to care for their own needs.

4. Observe residents closely, identifying changing needs and conditions at first indication, and reports immediately to nursing or Household leadership as appropriate.

5. Participate actively in the resident's care planning and care conference, serving as the residents' closest advocate in provision of care and honoring their preferences.

6. Consistently work with all Household team members, led by resident and family preference to meet the needs and desires of all Household residents.

7. Demonstrate flexibility to adjust priorities in response to resident needs.


B. RESPONSIBILITY: Resident Living



1. Maintain an environment that achieves high quality care (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual) of residents and maintain their independence and dignity to the highest degree possible.

2. Respect the Household as the resident's home. 3. Assist the resident in feeling a sense of belonging, ownership and control

within their home. 4. Contribute to making the Household a healthy and happy place. 5. Promote activities that help residents achieve their best day, filled with a wide

variety of meaningful relationships and activities. 6. Maintain effective communication systems with all customers.


C. RESPONSIBILITY: Customer Relations (Admissions/Tours)

TASKS: 1. Welcome and greet new residents, families and friends. 2. Ensure that resident's room is ready for receiving the resident. 3. Assist resident's families with moving in, unpacking belongings, etc. 4. Participate in the orientation of the new resident and family members/friends

to the Household. 5. Help resident feel comfortable and welcomed. 6. Maintain a working knowledge of RCC's programs and services. 7. Provide answers to questions and provide assistance to visitors of the

Household. 8. Provide tours of the Household to visitors, etc.


D. RESPONSIBILITY: Customer Meals and Dining

TASKS: 1. Assist in preparing, storing, recording and serving meals, beverages and

snacks for residents/customers based upon resident requests, regulations, established polices procedures and best practices.

2. Set and clear dining tables, assist residents with menu selection, meal and beverage service, and clean the dining room according to established procedures and schedules.

3. Clean dishes, equipment and work area according to established procedures and schedules.

4. Create a positive dining experience for customers that promote their independence, choice and overall well being.

5. Assist residents to eat as needed. 6. Encourage resident participation in the dining program, and meal activities.


E. RESPONSIBILITY: Household Environment

TASKS 1. Maintain uncompromising levels of cleanliness in the Household. 2. Maintain an attractive, comfortable, and clean home in an environment

consistent with regulations and established policies and procedures and best practices.

3. Maintain clean spaces in the Household, including resident rooms, Household common spaces, as well as support spaces and equipment.

4. Respect resident time and property; treat them with courtesy, and respect their personal belongings.

5. When working in resident areas, you are a guest in their home. Support all aspects of the Household environment, including pets, plants, children, visitors and guests, facilitating all planned and spontaneous needs and activities.

6. Coordinate work with the Household team to ensure the housekeeping needs of the Household are met within the staffing resources of the Household.

7. Maintain supply of all materials to meet resident needs in the Household.




1. Assist residents as needed to wash, mend, iron, fold and sort residents' personal laundry; supports residents in self care and provide assistance to ensure residents' personal laundry is maintained in quality condition.

2. Coordinate work with the Household team to ensure the personal laundry needs of the resident (and Household linens if washed in the Household) are met within the staffing resources of the Household.

G. RESPONSIBILITY: Life Enhancement (Activities and Social Services)


1. Identify, implement and incorporate resident daily pleasures and interests into Household life based upon input from residents, families and friends.

2. Lead and participate in Chat Circles with residents and staff in the Household daily.

3. Assist residents with activities of their choice, group, individual or one on one. 4. Provide for resident leisure life activities. Take residents outdoors, or out in

the facility community. 5. Participate in outings and special events. 6. Engage residents individually or as a group to eliminate boredom,

helplessness and loneliness.

7. Perform miscellaneous tasks as needed for residents such as shopping, running errands, assisting with correspondence, reading/writing letters etc.

8. Provide one on one interaction with residents based on preferences. 9. Transport residents to other parts of the facility (ie. Beauty shop, dining

room, etc).


H. RESPONSIBILITY: Team Participation

1. As a member of the team, actively participate in team activities, meetings and processes.

2. Promote team building concepts. 3. Facilitate involvement in Chat Circles, and other Household events with

residents, coworkers and visitors. 4. Assist in the interviewing, selection and orientation of new team members as

assigned. 5. Represent the Household issues at community functions. 6. Effectively collaborate with staff to promote the residents' total well being. 7. Act as an advocate for Household residents, families and friends internally

and externally. 8. Always provides support, friendship and kindness for each of the household


I. RESPONSIBILITY: Operational systems/knowledge

1. Follow established policies, procedures and practices. 2. Seek resident/family feedback on services provided. 3. Use and support the quality process to meet customer needs and measure

performance of the Household. 4. Apply the knowledge and skills needed for the position, including technical

competence in the clinical field and competencies for personally designed living.

5. Maintain knowledge of organization and industry policies and practices. 6. Demonstrate good stewardship of available resources

K. RESPONSIBILITY: Continuous Quality Improvement


1. Demonstrates sensitivity to customers and their needs. 2. Interacts appropriately with internal customers, i.e. coworkers within department, staff across departments. 3. Interacts appropriately with external customers, i.e. patients, residents, families, medical staff, vendors. 4. Role models positive behaviors.

5. Instruct staff regarding Continuous Quality Improvement during orientation.

L. RESPONSIBILITY: Resident Rights

TASKS: 1. Acts as an advocate for Resident Bill of Rights

2. Assures that all residents, families and staff are aware of resident rights

3. Assists in the identification of vulnerable adult issues 4. Respects resident property

5. Maintains dignity and privacy of residents by knocking before entering resident room, addressing them in a respectful manner, discussing their status in a private manner, treating them in a courteous and polite manner.

M. RESPONSIBILITY: Service Excellence

TASKS: Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the Service Excellence philosophy by

adhering to behaviors outlined in Rice's "Standards of Excellence."

N. RESPONSIBILITY: Safety - Maintain and promote a safe environment for all patients, visitors and staff.

TASKS: 1. Consistently follow all policies, practices and work rules.

2. Do not use shortcuts or work-arounds that may reduce safety or increase risk.

3. Stay alert, act responsibly and use common sense to reduce risks. 4. Report actual events and good catches as soon as possible. 5. Create a safe environment by eliminating hazards and identifying and

reporting unsafe systems. 6. Complete all mandatory safety education, attend safety sessions, review

and understand the Safety Program (available on RiceNet). Seek answers to questions you have about the Safety Program.

Position Title: Nursing Assistant - Days & PM's Department: RCC - Nursing Date: 11-20-08 Completed By: Director of Nursing/ Administrator

Please complete all items on this form by checking the factors that best describe the position shown above. Essential job functions are defined as those that are required and which if removed, would fundamentally alter the position. a function may be essential if only a limited number of employees are available to perform the function. If a large amount of time is spent on the function as a part of the job, then it is likely that it is an essential function. However, a function may be essential even if a small amount of time is spent performing it if it is a highly specialized function or if only a limited number of people are available to perform it. This is not necessarily an all inclusive list, and reasonable accommodation to known disability will be provided, if appropriate. Place check or "X" in the appropriate box describing each factor. Descriptive terms are abbreviated as follows: NA - Not Applicable S - Seldom Performed 1-33% O - Performed Occasionally 34-66% R - Performed Regularly 87-100% EF - Essential Function

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