Eagan, Minnesota
$12.84 - $14.45 Hourly
Mar 25, 2019
Job Type
Full Time

Job Summary

The Dakota County CDA is hiring a Resident Caretaker for our Northwoods Town Home site in Eagan, MN. This position averages about 8 hours per week.

This is an on-site caretaker position. You must either be eligible to be a CDA Site resident or already be a CDA resident in order to be eligible for this position.

Job Summary:
Responsibilities include maintaining common areas and monitoring townhome site. Caretaker will be responsible for monitoring tenant activities and enforcing Dakota County Community Development Agency policies.

Examples of Duties

Maintain common areas.

  • Maintain grounds; ensure that the site grounds are free of trash and debris.
  • Clean and maintain interior of site office and adjoining common areas (e.g. sanitize restroom(s), clean glass and surfaces, dust, sweep, mop and vacuum as necessary).
  • Maintain site landscaping; trim and weed as necessary.
  • Keep site exterior safe and sanitary by removing ice/snow (i.e. shoveling, salting/sanding, snow blowing, etc.) from common areas (i.e. sidewalks, mailboxes, staff/maintenance office, etc.)
  • Monitor performance of contracted lawn service; report any deficiencies to the Property Manager.
  • Ensure that all tenant vehicles and property is/are stored properly.
  • Report all non-routine maintenance needs to the Property Manager.
  • Notify the Property Manager of any conditions threatening the health and safety of the tenant population. Correct the condition where feasible.

Perform assigned administrative and tenant relations functions.

  • Monitor tenant activities to ensure compliance with all CDA policies. Report violations of CDA policies to the Property Manager.
  • Maintain good tenant relations; act as a positive CDA representative to tenants and external clientele.
  • Submit verbal report (or written as requested) to Property Manager on a weekly basis on condition of the site and/or issues that need attention.
  • Show vacant units as needed.
  • Intervene, when necessary and appropriate, to interrupt or prevent behaviors which will damage the property or harm other tenants (e.g., vandalism, children playing with matches, etc.)
  • Contact Property Management on 24-hour basis to report any tenant activities deemed to cause an emergency or life-threatening situation.
  • Distribute memos from CDA staff and/or contractors as directed.
  • Other dues as assigned.


Typical Qualifications

Minimum required: Must live on-site.

Ability to perform physical tasks necessary for maintenance of grounds.

Ability to evaluate maintenance problems and take appropriate action.

Ability to handle tenant issues and keep Property Manager informed; good verbal communication skills.

Knowledge of CDA policies and procedures.

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