Outdoor Security (Seasonal)

Red Wing, Minnesota
Apr 19, 2019
Part Time

A Resume is not required for this job.

Under the direction of the Prairie Island Police Department and Treasure Island Security Department, provide security for outdoor events including but not limited to; giving directions, crowd management, escorts, patrols, entry control, alcohol consumption management, responding to emergencies, recognition of breaches of security, safety hazards and unauthorized persons. Responsible for a high level of guest service. 

-Providing guests with helpful directions that will enhance their entertainment experience 
-Providing the optimum in cordial hospitality to all guests 
-Watching for and addressing breaches of security, crowd management issues, persons in unauthorized areas and safety hazards 
-Provide screening for guests entering the grounds for prohibited items while using bag checks and metal detectors 
-Provide escorts and security for entertainers, their facilities and cordoned areas 
-Responding to incidents of medical emergencies, fire, bomb threats, active shooters, severe weather and disorderly conduct

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